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Latest Edition in the 2010 Chapman & Bailey Group Show Comp ~ Brisbane

by dreamsofcreation , November 20, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Aboriginal Art, Group Sho, Interpretation, art, contemporary, dots, events, exhibition, lines, painting

REBIRTHby Mirree Medium: Bush Extracts & Acrylic on Linen Canvas BUSH EXTRACTS - (These are materials collected from the bush, they come from the Wiradjuri country of NSW where my ancestors lived at a place that is known today as Bourke in NSW. These include - Emu feathers, Red Dirt, Ochres, Charcoal & ash collected from campfires with my family. Sometimes this will include materials from my surrounding environment such as leaves, feathers, etc.) The ochres that are used are yellow and white from Wiradjuri country. White symbolizing universal spirit and yellow representing women's business. I collected the white just outside of Dubbo in NSW and the yellow was collected by a very important Wiradjuri Women elder I did my ceremonies with. I will not use the red as it is forbidden mens business. Being a women I follow the universal lore that connects not only to my ancestors but to all women, men & children. 40 × 40 cm Stretched Linen Canvas Inside the hidden world & depths of Mother Nature, I can find myself whole, free & complete in her womb. I find peace, freedom of expression with feeling all around me. I can be me, without judgment, restriction or expectation. Her very essence is my connection, rhythm & flow. Re-born in this free flowing feeling of nature all around me. I can leave everything behind & truly be me. I have finally found mother. I have finally found me. ~



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