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self taught art

by drawinghermit , February 25, 2010—03:38 PM

Topics: abstract, collage, drawinghermit, mixed media, outsider, self taught

Is art school needed to be a successful artist?




  jim kowalczyk

02/27/2010 * 13:41:15

Mike, I started painting in the 60's when access to great information was considerably more limited than it is today. Took a break to raise a family and went back to painting in 2000. I am self taught and do believe that in today's world of the Internet, DVD's, galleries and the printed word there is ample opportunity to educate oneself in many facets of the artistic process. The only thing that I find missing are the benefits of being personally critiqued by a master painter. I do think that a wise choice of a workshop now and then would help fill in some of the blanks.


  Mike Barr ( homepage )

02/25/2010 * 17:59:44

Most of the best artists I know are self-taught and I am too.

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