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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

Health and Wellness

by douglasstover , August 14, 2010—03:51 PM

Topics: December 5th and seems…, I have finally finished…, I was a hunter for many…, Spelling and grammar…

...a long time has elapsed since this painting fell into place on this uniquely course painting paper. I want to confess that my brain injury has severely slowed the pace of my work in a medium that I thought was my life. Fatigue has set in and clouded my mind and consequently my strategies in painting has suffered serverely. Please excuse me for what seem like outrageous mistakes over judgements that seem severely skewed. I strive to be honest in all my transactions and where you see mistakes on my part please excuse me. I just (August 10 2010) had a very complicated back surgery and this has shed new light on where I may have drifted from my original artistic philosophy. Thank you for reading this piece and may new and great thing now take place.....




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

08/14/2010 * 17:21:33

Much obliged dearest Douglas. May your art send you adrift to the imagination of many. Be well!

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