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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

..It has really now dawned on me that 2010 is not a joke but a new year. You can't turn back now I keep telling myself...too many days have passed. So here I find myself in kind of a beautiful dilema...a lot to do. That should mean money in my hand but that is not really true either. I write and I paint using mainly acrylics...oh and paper, pen and computer for the writing part. So I am not really sure whether it is the times with the economy or the January "Blues" that have hit my household and consequently me. The writing has become primary lately with no one buying so I better do something in painting...the brush has been dry lately. They are dry because Doug has a lull in my grey I reach for the stimulus package...and it's here...artist have to do big things and keep their bag full of the tricks of the to get down to brass prices on my art work for a few weeks are up for bids. I mean give me an offer and it will be considered...thank you and good luck..and write me or give me a call..




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02/06/2010 * 01:44:54

I have left my trial and errour splotch on the top of this simply can be cut off..whatever the buyer would like this is a very unique painting from someone like myself that was totally enamored in the castle is very colorful and I have thought about making cards with it..again I just strive to please myself and the buyers out there...

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