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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

When Things Seem Dry

by douglasstover , January 8, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Things are not dry any…, resting or building up…

Hey it's the New Year..probably the 7th of January. I say that with a lot of enthusiasm and I meant it. Yes I am Douglas Stover a fairly good painter(trying) and of course a master of the different drawing tools we use to put something down before painting. This is not always true because I know that some of you and some times "me" just start painting with some certain thing that stimulated and sparked us into a great work. I have not been painting in days and the painting that I am working on is a Mary, Jesus and Joseph painting, kindof an illusion of CHRIST-mas time. I know you are wondering about it being a little bit late, well yes if it was for that particular date but know; this painting is for anytime or maybe Easter. An artist get's dry spells but I do not consider them dry because we illuminate another area or if not that then we are just feeding our memory bank to be ready and explode with energy an paint with all gusto; and brilliance. What a wonderful thing it is to be an artist...of painting and writing. I do that as well but I have not written any famous stories or books but I do well or try at the short story medium. I am now trying to find the balance between the two so that I can do both without drawing blanks and going into a may be I should stop here so that I can concentrate on some other piece...thanks for reading it has been cool..



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