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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

Castle Creations II European Style

by douglasstover , December 5, 2009—12:00 AM

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This is done to my finest touch..taking some time and a lot of "get back and look" type of critiquing. I hope this piece is liked because I did an enormous amount of researching, looking, and finally installing what I wanted in my type of castle done in a various assortment of acrylic paint on good heavy paper. Then the final touch of a light coat of varnish for protecting and giving a touch of sheen...I like them that way and hope you do also let me know..There seem to be way more castles and castle ruins making it so facinating to start looking. I then found out that I became intrigued in what they were all about and why they existed. Many of them of course are still in use to a certain extent and how they keep them up to date and especially warm is beyond my imagination. I know that you could probably find that out. In this picture I show where I dabbed my brush on the top testing out colors to my satifaction. This can be trimmed down if someone or you want to purchase the exact print size. A few customers have liked this effect and even have wanted me to save the borders that have my notes on them. It whatever you want..anything to satisfy the art critics eye or the customer. I had original plans of putting more in the foreground on this side of the river but no...that's why I am many times an impressionist because I like this impression of how it is left...but the technique is also of that same style..the size is 16w X 17h with white border and brush swipe on top. Otherwise a cut-down six is going to take 2 inches of the hieght. This is my first castle and there will most likely be more following..I do like doing them and probably will start on another barn painting like in a few minutes..I wish. Thankyou for reading and give me some of your thoughts please and I will respond..



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