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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

Signs Of Fall

by douglasstover , November 5, 2009—12:00 AM

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I love birds if you know my art, with the "Parrot Without A Name" a couple of months back. These birds are all around in the Fall of the year and with the colors of the seasen what a nice coincidence. A smaller size of acrylic but gives the feeling of something big. A Blue Jay and a Tuffed Titmouse are their names..I say these things are around but I am not even thinking of you people who are not from a Great Lake State such as Michigan. Here we have leaf "changing colors" happening and I just talked to someone that was visiting this area just for the fall colors and they also did not know anything about these types of I apologize please..and if reading this piece thank you..




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

11/07/2009 * 21:18:05

In California I've waked to find tufted titmice and nuthatches bouncing around in a campsite, but our jays are less showy than the Blue Jay--we have scrub jays and stellar's jays who can be equally crabby in their outlook. Do you suppose we artists are often bird lovers relates to our fondness for bright and/or harmonious color?

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