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by douglasstover , October 24, 2009—12:00 AM

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I recently said that I had to get busy and paint something that represented me and the celebration and 2 year anniversary of living (my wife) through one of the worst tornado's in MI history on the 17th of October. In my first Artid gallery I have my farm and those things in the painting that represented one of the most rich in now "not there". It is gone. The 150 year old pine 3-4 feet in diameter is gone along with it's sister elm tree their. The buildings across the road, our old cattle barns and grainery still lay in ruin. Yes to this very day October 24, 2009. Fortunetly the historical grainery is in one of my paintings that will be listed for sale, due to my recent and long saught "wrapping it up". But the one above does have majestic pines in the front but there is no way to include them and the farm scene. It just is on of those painter's unfortunate dynamics that can't be changed. This farm is so rich in history it would take a book and I just hope I did it any justice.I have to believe that I the way there were only two deaths in the Williamston MI area, I just have to thank God for sparing ours and our neighbors..



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