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by douglasstover , October 10, 2009—12:00 AM

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It is nice to be able to recognize when you are on or may be when your "in a groove". Then when you are accomplished to that would be best to paint 24/7 and make some bread or at least feel good. I love it! I am talking about this piece because it came write after the ERIE DRY DOCK painting when I was feeling good and in that groove that I believe most people think that we artist can just whip them out one after another. Never in a jam or feeling down and starting in some kind-of dry spell. They say "what do you mean you can't paint. Ignore! This painting surrounds me and the parrot. The other birds in this zoo painting (not quite, they are all on their own separate trips) really just happened. The parrot came from a book that I was reading about these really exclusive trips from American based Universities(or etc.) to Peru. The trips were to discover birds without a name (hadn't been discovered yet) and the parrot being one of them stimulated this whole painting. I write short stories (real life) and the parrot found himself in one of those as well. The painting felt great and I believe it is one of my gems




  Diane Tasselmyer ( homepage )

10/19/2009 * 10:11:27

the parrot is great!!!!
and I really like these backgrounds you put in your paintings.
"Backgrounds" are as important as the focal point of the painting is.
I really like that diagonal of the greenery that you added in front of the parrot. It really leads your eye into the painting.
It is truly a gem!
diane tasselmyer

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