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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

ERIE DRY DOCK On The Way To Vermont

by douglasstover , October 8, 2009—12:00 AM

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When I had the right paint to be in the special spot my hands were then it gets easy. Most artist know that there are sometimes you can not find the paint or color you want and you look and look. This painting was so much fun to do. Number one I had been their and actually, well I had been to this place and thought it very unique and my wife the photographer did the job on it. From there it was something I had to do. The boat was in a spot that there was more land than water and you could actually see the blocks that held the boat there, making it truely in drydock. We probably were in the State of New York and very close to Lake Erie making it easy to name it what I did. Highly acclaimed so far making me feel very good. The date is not on the painting like you see in the don't worry.



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