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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

Douglas's Life as an Artist

by douglasstover , October 6, 2009—01:06 AM

Topics: The Bedouin is a nice…

Days seem to pass so quickly and I really have some new things for you to look at. One of the the pieces that was completed on the 1st of October I am calling The Modern Day Bedouin. Again I am focusing on a very unusual topic. Why Bedouin? Why not...I say these people are some of the most remarkable people in the world. I have this article that I am writing about them, the desert reclusive bands of people of the desert. The painting has just one person and the background of a sea village that this Bedouin person would not be found in. Pick at it look at it I will show it to you somewhere. Another is here on the 5th of October. This is my newest abstraction, so please stay tuned.



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