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R. douglas Stover Art Blog

Douglas's Life as an Artist

by douglasstover , September 30, 2009—01:11 AM

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As you might have read I have been in the recovery stages and nobody really knows about these different types of the influenza, swine and etc., but I know that I have really been depleated. I did though wrap up the completion of a painting and I named it "The Modern Day Bedouin" and I probably will tack onto that, "At A Seaside Village". I like it more all the time and I have had very favorable comments from friends and neighbors. Why do I come up with the Bedouin thing(?), is something that I will get into at a later time. I will say that the Bedouin People have intrigued from the first aquaintence in my reading about as the history unfolded claiming these people as founders of the bit and pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical communities were so very much enthralled. Today is Tuesday and Wednesday is close at hand. I am trying my best to put down the foundations of my next painting, probably somewhat more on my abstract side. If you do not know already I am painting only in the acrylic medium now and I will try to get an image of the one I just finished up soon for you to view. Oh...I did not mention the date which is Tuesday the 29th and oh boy is it getting chilly. My favorite month is here it seems. Have fun...Douglas




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10/18/2009 * 15:43:18

Today is the 18th of October and this is the anniversity of something very catastrophic in my life and my families. Two years ago a tornado of very large demensions hit our place and caused great damage also our neighbors places. So I think that I will come out of my fall slumbar and start a painting. Maybe another farm scene similar to my "Stover's Farm Yard". This painting can be seen in my first gallery. Thanks...and by the way the trees in the painting and other things are gone. Our lives were spared and our neighbors as well but a couple from 8 miles away were killed.

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