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Dotti Rinkenback About

I will paint from your photos of animals, homes, landscapes, etc. Prices vary with medium and size. My first choice is watercolor,acrylics, oils,etc. 2 comments


I love to paint pets and landscapes from photos,so visit my gallery. I have always had an interest in art and created booklets and did chalk paintings on the bedroom wall of 4' high Pluto's in my teens. As a mother of young children there was not much time to pursue my love of art except to help the children with class projects. But when the grand-children came along there was time to volunteer at their schools. I did bulletin board scenes 5' long of winter sled scenes and for the play 'Wizard of Oz' I did the backdrops in 8' x 10' of the fields, yellow-brick road, woodcutters cottage, palace, etc; also backdrops for Pinocchio in the whale and at the fair. For the 'Fun-Fest' - to raise money for the school- I did the backdrops on painters canvas tarps that the school would hang and sell tickets for polaroid pictures of the children standing in fromt of it with the schools mascort drawn in. I also did an acrylic painting on stretched canvas that was auctioned off. I love doing watercolors and acrylics but have also worked in oils and pastels. Crafts keep me busy and I am always trying new avenues in polymer clays and linoleum rugs and wall hangings. Size is no problem. I can enlarge as well as reduce and have done artwork of my daughters house on wood for a plaque as well as on birdhouses, tambourines and kitchen cabinet doors. I love landscapes, flowers, animals, but can also paint people. I have done art from photos and can take several photos and incorporate them into a single artwork or project. A relative had bought a shower curtain and window curtain and wanted a large picture for the bathroom to match. She sent me a small picture from the wrapping and I did a canvas on stretcher frame 20" x 24" which she loved. Now I feel it's time to branch out!


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