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Debra Vronch

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Days End

by DKVronch , January 5, 2011—12:00 AM

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An extension of self into time and space. Drawing from misty dreams and half remembered melodies of life. I cannot duplicate the perfection created by forces grander than I. No matter how vivid (or technically correct art is) it will always fall short of the complex truth of the subject. And yet others can identify this ethereal essence and feel in it's presence. For a brief moment I have become the creator. What is created evokes different feelings for each of us, that is the beauty and uniqueness of art. Suspended upon the canvas dancing light and shadows whisper softly to us, inviting us to pause for a brief moment. Pulling from distant memories or pushing toward the future, allowing us to enjoy the echoes of ourselves and dream within it's borders… Continue reading… 0 comments