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Danielle Smith About

My journey in art began like most artists__"I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. I am inspired by the world around me and often bring shapes of nature into my work. Ornate and abstract, I put many hours of very tedious work into each pen & ink drawing. Similar to my drawings, my colorful paintings and photography combine realistic and abstract subjects with circles and flowing lines. The elements often join together the unknown and the uncommon in my finished works. My Redbubble ID is djsmith70. Website: Add Comment


Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Danielle J. Smith made her public art debut at Oranje 2009 ( in September 2009. In October 2009, she displayed at Soli Deo Gallery/45 Degrees for a First Friday event on Massachusetts Avenue. While new to exhibiting, she has been creating art and building her portfolio for more than twenty years.

Flowing strictly from the imagination, Danielle__™s work predominantly uses the medium of pen and ink. The actual sizes of the pictures vary enormously. They all, however, contain the same singularly detailed and minute focused attention that has become her signature.

When creating in color, her art combines watercolor, colored pencil, and pastel. The primary subject of her photography work is nature, both realistic and abstract.

My Redbubble ID is djsmith70.





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