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Deirdre Keating About

My inspiration is drawn by the world around me, but most of my inspiration comes from human figures. I depict the style from internal and external shapes, and accept the imperfection. My daring approach reaches towards newer ideas to different aspects of my work. When I am painting, I want to create a justifiable balance by using cutoffs, unusual angels and off-centered subjects. Add Comment


Deirdre Keating was born in Fairport, but grew up mostly in Austin Texas, and then Rochester, New York. In third grade, she had received an award for Rising-Star Artist in Brushy Creek, Texas. Influenced by her grandmother in Arizona, she learned how to appreciate things that by many standards, would not be classified as beautiful. Her depiction of subject matter and humans varies in intense mood as incorporated by choice of color and heavy brush strokes.

Recently, 22 year old Deirdre Keating attained her Associates Degree in Fine Arts and is currently working on a Bachelor's in Digital Media and Animation in Alfred, New York.


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