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Dianna lewis Sue and Sammy Snail

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Sue and Sammy Snail
20" x 16" x 1"
Painting / Oil
$650.00 Purchase

Sue and Sammy Snail

Shiny and slippery, Snails are such fun. Slowly they move, they can't even run. Leaving a trail behind as they go, You can see where they've been, And how very slow. On their back is a shell, It's really their home, It's ever so small but goes where they roam. On stalks are their eyes, That move all around, One can point up and one to the ground. They eat lots of plants and all of the flowers, Munching away,especially in showers. Shiny and slippery, Snails are such fun, They eat and they eat, They should weigh a ton!