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Dominic Giglio About

As an artist I value the beauty of the environment and the people who live within it. It is my desire to create a painting that shows the beauty, the personality, the essence of all that surrounds us in life. Add Comment


Dominic Giglio (nee Domenico Giglio) was born in Italy. With his family he arrived in the United States at the age of nine. He spent five years in Ohio where he learned the __??art__?__ of shoveling snow.

The family relocated to Las Vegas. Working as a delivery boy for his father's restaurant he had the opportunity to meet many stars and personalities such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. The lights, colors and sounds of the busy city, along with the contrast of the vast, quiet and untouched surrounding landscape would form images in his ever developing artistic mind.

With a name that translates as "Sunday Lily" Giglio was surely born to be an artist. He believes personality and structure should always work together. He went on to earn his masters. His thesis was entitled "Color Perception: How A Viewer's Perception Is Affected By Color And helps To Identify The Subject On Canvas." For Giglio, color becomes part of the definition of form and he utilizes a great deal of color in all of his work. Color brings out the beauty of each study.

Works by Giglio hang in many homes in the United States and in Europe. He has won many awards and has exhibited in museums in Northern California where he now resides.

Major influences are classic realism and modern realism and also any artist who specializes in composition. The inspiration for his work lies in the beauty of the environment and in the people he has met. Giglio's favorite medium is oil on canvas.


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