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Richard Beckstrand About

Fine Artist: Mixed media art in pencil, ball-point pen; pastel. Ball-point pen recently. NOTE: I will also sell prints of my art work; I will let you know which ones. 1 comment


My artistic venture began as a small boy in California. Back then my earliest art memories are of hastily drawing guys in combat(so boyish)cutting each other up on a big roll of butcher paper that my parents kept in the hall closet. I am grateful to my grandfather who encouraged me to draw better. My parents also supported me by getting me art lessons as well.

I've drawn through out grade school, high school, college. Through the years I've experimented with a few mediums such as: pencil, watercolor, acyrilic paint, charcol, crayon, & colored pencil. Currently I have designed tons of concept car designs in ball-point pen. My artistic philosophy is don't be afraid to record life around you, have fun; and don't limit yourself, or your art will look awful.

Finally, I'd like to thank: my parents, decesased grandfather, and others, especially God(He blessed me with the talant!).


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