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Derek Dyment Art Blog

Looking for feedback

by derekd , July 14, 2010—02:32 PM

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and wondering if anyone could view my gallery and let me know what you think. I have my own type of style and am wondering how well my art might do on this site. I have looked at lots of artists work on here and they are really nice.




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

07/20/2010 * 13:01:08

Mary Ann Kitchell left a note in your guest book and I agree with her. "Web sites seem to always be a work in progress; add new work from time to time. Blog ... write about your work, it keeps your name in public view.

Take whatever classes you can and supplement this with reading, visiting museums, and practicing technique. I have very little formal training and have learned hard work and many hours of practice are more important than a framed degree on your wall.

Do what you love ... pick subjects that particularly interest you. Try different media, finding those you are most comfortable with."

Try working from life, drawing a landscape, person or still life to sharpen your drawing skills. Keep a sketch book with you and draw when and wherever you can. It doesn't have to be accurate, or even good, it's practice.

I do have formal training and I still continue to take classes when I can, learning, improving and observing are never done. You have a good start and could use to post more images and keep adding to your blog.

Ask questions of other artists on this site, that is one of the perks of a community site!

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