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I am a sketch artist from Houston Tx. I am trying to establish myself as a well known artist I have been doing sketch art all my life with no formal training. Everything is done off of pure talent. 1 comment


I am a sketch artist been doing it all my life trying to take it to a well known professional level now. I am hoping by bringing my art online I am able to open new opportunities and exposure. I have no formal training and no fancy degree all my art is based solely on my talent and it speaks for itself. I have tried in the past to pursue a professional career in the art field and wasn't taken seriously because of the abscence of a degree. I live in Houston Tx with my wife Jessica who fully supports me in my efforts to get my art exposed worldwide. We also have a cat named Dusty who at times acts more human than a cat. I can be reached by phone to do private art work for those interested. Just contact me through the site or email at


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