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Lili De Faria Art Blog

I started a new series.

by DeFaria , September 10, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Inspiring idea, Series, charming, elegance, fantasy, fascination, gipsy's woman faces, grace, improving work, new experiments, rich colors

I have painting for many years but never did any series until last year. I painted women faces the first time, I liked and I am doing it again now. I found out that painting series is good because I get to better improving my work. I try different ways to do the same style and the motivation of doing something new, using the same subject, keeps me interested in make few experiments in other techniques to get to the point I want. This way I get my results. I have a certain fascination in Gipsies, I always had it, since I was a little girl. The colors of their clothes, the rich jewleries and their charming, their elegance, the dance, the music and grace of walking are very inspiring to me as artist, I think is a great fantasy. When I am painting I fly my thoughts by, looking at new ideas to make them beautiful and sexy.




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/10/2010 * 22:02:27

Her eyes are very seductive. Gypsies are just as hot as fairies and vampires in my mind. Good work!

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