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Lili De Faria About

De Faria was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and made her first painting when she was 16. This issue was a nice surprise for her and it was like a bright light flashing in her mind. Otherwise, her life went for different ways and she wasn't ready for this yet. Few years later, she started to see painting as a pleasure for her life, so started painting again after years and now is dedicating her time to art, and seems like painting takes her in a pleasent adventure full of colors and forms. She lives in Aventura, Florida. married and happy for making painting the principal issue in her life. 1 comment


De Faria is a self taught artist, who decided to understand her creativity as a way to let her imagination brings out in forms, colors and everything she sees around her. In her own way to explore the infinity of what art can realize in creation, she sees nature, people, and everything that catches her attention as a good way to express herself, experiencing different techniques, making it the principal subjective in learning as much as possible about painting.


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