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Dee Callahan Native American

"The Teepee"
  • "The Teepee"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • Photography in various sizes and prices- matted
  • This picture was taken at an Indian Art show that I attended in Sun City, Az. I met many Native Americans there who featured their beautiful artwork as well as their connections with mother earth! My maternal Grandmother was a full blooded Shoshone Indian,who was raised in a Calif. mission after Father Junipero Serra founded the California missions and converted the natives.
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"Grandma Rose"
  • "Grandma Rose"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • This picture really shows the Native American features of my Grandmother Rose who was born in Calif. and raised in a Calif. Mission after the Native American Indians were converted.

"All American"
  • "All American"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • My Mother was the most patriotic individual that I have ever met. She allowed all of her children to share the opportuntiy to follow in her footsteps. She was the daughter of a full-blooded Shoshone Indian raised in a Calif. mission and she knew, like my grandmother Rose what freedom was all about! I bought her this hat when the Olympics were being held in Canada and I lived in Seattle, Washington. She loved to wear hats!

" The Eagle"
  • " The Eagle"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • My older brother Martin, was a Tribal council member & Vice Chair of the Shoshone Indian- Gabrielino Tongva tribe from Southern California. He worked tirelessly for over half a century for their rights and is recognized today as being a very integral part of their state recognition. He passed in 2008 and at his passing an Eagle flew overhead. It was added to this photograph to honor him.He is also honored in the Loyola Marymount University Library in Southern Calif. where he worked and helped develop a Native American artifacts division from Architectural digs in the area~

"An Artist At Work"
  • "An Artist At Work"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • This photo is of a Native American Indian artist who was painting his tribe. It was taken in Sun City West, AZ.
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"Native American Indian Art"
  • "Native American Indian Art"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • In Sun City West,AZ. I was introduced to a very talented Native American Indian Artist who produced some of the most colorful works of art. Here is one that he was working on at the Art Festival.It was of his tribe..
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~"The Circle of Love"
  • ~"The Circle of Love"
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • Today,October 4, 2010, my younger brother is going into the hospital for a very serious surgery. I am dedicating this photo to him. I call it the "Circle of Love". My Grandmother was a full- blooded Shoshone Indian- Gabrielino- Tongva from San Gabriel, California, and she believed that love was the most healing of all medicines. This pix " Circle of Love" is of an Indian basket where natural remedies were often combined and carried to those who were ill~ For Grandma Rose Pastora, and all who came before her; and for our family; this " Circle of Love" basket will be carrying love,along with our prayers for healing~ Ah Ho~

Honoring Our Families
  • Honoring Our Families
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • In October, 2010, my two cousins, Barbara and Mary held the 12th Annual family reunion which Barbara says was actually started by my Mother as a family tradition when she used to hold parties for her mother, my Grandmother Rose, who was of full-blooded Shoshone Indian descent. In any case, My youngest sister Anita and I wanted to do something to show "honor" to those who have gone before us, and also to those who still thrive; so we designed this cake with our own original ideas with the help of a brillant talent;our cake baker Lee Ann! Volia,here you have not only a colorful cake, but one of truly American; Native American History & blessings! Ah Ho~I hope you enjoy the design!

An Indian Gathering And Blessed Chant~
  • An Indian Gathering And Blessed Chant~
  • Color Photography | 5" x 7"
  • At our recent Family Reuion in Southern, California, Jimi Castillo an elder, who is now running for the Calif. Assembly, did a sage burning and blessing, and a blessed chant. Here you see a few of the attendees~It was a wonderful and spiritual afternoon~

A Native American Running For The Calif. Assembly
  • A Native American Running For The Calif. Assembly
  • Color Photography | 8" x 10" x 1"
  • Jimi Castillo is a Native American from Southern, California, who is trying to make things better for his people and is running for the State Assembly~ Here he is seen giving a Native American Blessing at a family gathering~ Ah Ho~

Sedona Flute Player~ Wolfs Robe
  • Sedona Flute Player~ Wolfs Robe
  • Color Photography | 8" x 10" x 1"
  • Please take a minute to read my "Artist Blog" about "Wolfs Robe" who is the man in this picture. He is a wonderful flute player and educator. The blog explains far more than I can here in this short notation. Native American Flute playing almost became a lost art, but due to brave individuals, like "Wolfs Robe" , we are fortunate today to find his original music on CDS!

Wolfs Robe's Flutes
  • Wolfs Robe's Flutes
  • Color Photography | 8" x 10" x 1"
  • Last week, I posted a picture of a Native American Flute Player and Educator, named "Wolfs Robe", I also wrote a Blog about him with a link to his magical website, where you have the opportunity of listening to his beautiful and original flute music. Wolfs Robe plays from the heart, on the flutes that you see in this picture. He does not write down his music, but memorizes what his visions were when he had the feeling to create each piece. He is a remarkable flute player and a very embraceable speaker, who lends us his knowledge and shares much about the Native American culture and way! Please read my blog about him and his flutes, under "Artists blogs". It is worthwhile reading, and don't forget to comment. Please give me your opinions. I always appreciate feedback from you~