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Dee Callahan Guestbook



  Mary Exline ( homepage )

04/26/2012 * 16:32:34

How adorable! Momma set up home on your settee. She must have felt very much at home to make a nest for her new family.


  Tom W

01/25/2012 * 12:04:48

It's nice to see you've included a couple of pictures of cats with your animal pictures.

The coyote picture is cool and it's nice he let's you share his stomping ground.

Seeing how scenic the desert can be makes me want to go visit some friends I have there and take it all in.

Thanks so much for sharing the pics!


  Rick Connery

11/30/2011 * 19:23:01

Loving your Photo Creations and just beginning to see the light in your amazing work. Looking forward to seeing more.


  Patti Thatcher

11/17/2011 * 23:59:11

Ok my dear Sistah, I knew there was a reason I hadn't made it here until now !! I have been looking through everything for the last hour + !! You have some beautiful work !! Amazing !! and I haven't even seen it all !! And I am in LOVE with the Lion Pic in Brandon's zoo pics !! The depth of those eye in that precious creature !! And of course, your Hawaii pictures, yea, I spent a lot of time there !! Everyday I get to know you a little more, and you are an inspiring woman. I am grateful that our paths have crossed! Can't wait to spend more time checking out your pictures and reading more of your blog !! You have a beautiful way with words!
Love you bunches !!


  Anita Alcala

11/06/2011 * 20:06:54

Hi Dee.

I looked at your Hawaiian pictures. They are all so lovely.

I liked the picture with the pampas grass. It's very unusual-looking.

I loved the sunsets, flowers, bird, etc.

You have such a great eye for all things! Probably because of your great love for Hawaii.

Hopefully, one day Sparky & I will get to see Hawaii with you & Michael.


YLS Anita ;-)


  HC Gilmore ( homepage )

08/11/2011 * 11:52:43

Hi Dee...
Haven't seen you in ages, but think of you often. Enjoyed perusing your website, which is wonderfully chockablock with your interesting artwork.
Take care, and keep working! Looking forward to what comes next.


  Niko Giovannini

06/02/2011 * 15:43:32

Great work. I still have a ton to see but so far its been great


  Lauri Nuzzi

05/24/2011 * 17:04:16

Tuesday, 5-24-11

Hi Dee,

I have viewed most of your photos, but, would also like to see the Family Photos, How Do I go about this?



  Anita Alcala

04/23/2011 * 20:51:59

Hi Dee,

I read your e-mail & came and looked at the pictures you took of our Mission de Alcala in San Diego. They're great! I like the candles by the Confessional a lot.

The springtime flowers were beautiful & of course, I liked Grandma's Bloom best.

The rabbits were very cool. Do you name all of your little creatures? Ha, Ha! Lol!

Happy Easter, big Sis, Guardian Angel!

Love ya!



  Briana Giovannini

04/16/2011 * 00:59:57

Hi Aunt Dee :) Just wanted to stop by and say you have a great variety of art :) I have some hanging in my kitchen and it ties the whole place together, and gives me something nice to look at while I do my dishes lol :) thank you for the beautiful pictures!!!!


  Anita Alcala

03/17/2011 * 17:59:45

Hi Sweetie!

I meant to say that the Guinness & Jameson pictures belong in my place! Ha, Ha! Lol!

I saw the pictures in, "Simply Ross" & I fell in love with them! He should illustrate a book of fairy tales!

I also liked Sylvester & Pepe Le Phew! Ross seems to have a good sense of humor.

I saw Melissa's pictures, which are lovely, but I still love the one you sent me of the Kitten & the Fishbowl best!

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Mrs. Callahan!

Luv ya lots!



  Anita Alcala

03/17/2011 * 17:49:18

Hi Tootsie!

I love the Guinness & the Jameson pictures!

But, I think they belong in my home, don't you? Michael may have something to say about that though!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to both of you & Rocky II too!

Love & miss you!





03/06/2011 * 09:46:14

Hi Aunt Dee! Your site is very neat...Looking forward to more! Love it!!! =)


  Nancy Healy

03/04/2011 * 19:50:56

WOW! Dee.
Such great work.


  Nancy Hdealy

03/04/2011 * 19:50:44

WOW! Dee.
Such great work.


  Debra Vronch

02/28/2011 * 22:12:50

What a great and unusual photo of the coyote. Nice of him not only to pose for you, but to wait for you to grab the camera as well. :)


  Melissa Ozaki

02/18/2011 * 13:20:57

Is this a Ross Boyd's truck? Amazing!! Fantastic artist.


  Melissa Ozaki ( homepage )

02/18/2011 * 13:15:58

Would really love to see more of the art by Ross Boyd. I enjoyed his style. Can you take a picture of the art on his vehicle. I would love to see it.


  Anita Alcala

02/05/2011 * 15:16:26

Hi Tootsie!

I just got through going into the Native American part of your site.

It was very beautiful & some of the words you wrote made me cry!

I miss Grandma Rose, Mom & Marty, etc. All we can hope is that they are all together, looking down on us & guiding us with their infinite wisdom.

I loved the Wolfs Robe CD that you sent to me. You already know I love the flute, as that was the original instrument I wanted to learn how to play when I was in the Jr. High School Band.

They had too many flute players, so I ended up learning how to play the clarinet, alto saxophone, base clarinet, etc. until I finally took matters into my own hands & puchased a used flute on my own & taught myself how to play it!

The picture of all the hand-carved flutes made me think of an episode of the TV show; "Northern Exposure", where the young Alaskan Indian; Ed meets a fellow Native American who hand-crafted & played his own flutes! Pretty cool, huh?

Love & miss you, Big Sis & Guardian Angel!




  Anita Alcala

02/05/2011 * 15:05:05

Hi Honey!

I just got through looking at all the great pictures you took at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano!

I love those Koi Fish! OMG, that Orange one was Gigantic! Talk about the Monster Fish that got away! I knew they could get pretty big, but he really is enormous.

I love the way you took these pictures! There is beautiful lighting, shading, angles, etc.

You really took advantage of the beautiful architecture of this mission!

Love ya lots!




  Gail Butler ( homepage )

02/05/2011 * 10:09:47

Dear Dee ,
Thank you so much for your comment on my photos....I am delighted you like them! You are quite an accomplished photographer yourself, your work is beautiful. I have never been able to visit Hawaii, but you do an amazing job of capturing its beauty for those of us who can't get there in person. I look forward to seelng more!
Best Regards,
Gail Butler



01/27/2011 * 03:48:09

Hi Dee

I couldn't sleep & I started thinking about you & Mom, so I came to your site to look at your beautiful pictures.

I first looked at the pictures of Flowers, because Mom loved them so much!

I really loved the one entitled, "Grand-mother's Flowers"! The color was magnificent!

I also checked out your Blog about Rocky II & yes, I think that somehow, someway, he will start bringing home the bacon to pay your mortgage, property taxes, etc. Ha, Ha! No, really!

I lastly looked at, "Cats Only", & saw all or your gorgeous, furry children.

Love you, Big Sis!



  Melissa Ozaki ( homepage )

12/30/2010 * 18:01:10

I'm glad to see such talent in capturing the beauty of the islands. From one artist to another, these photos are worth having in my collection. Thank you for sharing them with the world. I have so many favorites. Hard to choose just one or two...........


  lori arakawa

12/11/2010 * 15:04:18

ALoha Dee,

I trust that you had an enjoyable weekend at the Villas at Sedona. I've only now found time to get to your website. Mahalo nui Loa for sending the gift of the Matted Protea & necklace. I am torn between keeping it on display in my office at Kahana Falls or mounting in my bathroom where it matches the color scheme.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at every picture on this website. You do have an appreciation of all of Gods creations and have a talent for turning simple abstracts into art. I am so impressed by all your visits to the Hawaiian Islands. Growing up in HI i never take for granted the beauty that surrounds me. I am thankful to my Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to service you from TPI thus allowing me to meet you. Thank You again for the gifts. Take Care and God Bless! Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,



  Tim Gray ( homepage )

11/23/2010 * 05:54:34

Hi Dee, Great picture of the penguins, who would of thought, penguins in Hawaii,


  Dana Alcala

11/15/2010 * 02:22:54

Hey Aunt D~ Your site is wonderful. I especially like the wildlife/animal pictures you've taken. They show that there is true beauty and magnificence in all earthlings. Many people, either through religion, sheer ignorance, or both, have decided that animals are ours to use and abuse, and I feel like that is one of humanity's greatest crimes.


  Christine Escobar

11/09/2010 * 21:28:57

Hi Dee:

Now that I have successfully accessed your website, I'm going to take my time to review all your beautiful pictures. I'll let you know which ones I would like to order for note cards. It's going to be a difficult choice with so many gorgeous photos from which to choose. I will definitely give you all the lead time you need.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Aloha, Christine


  Tom W

11/09/2010 * 07:46:03

Kona Coffee!!! Yesssssss!!! :)

Great pictures! I could spend all day looking at them.

You're very talented!


  Pat Lipska (Root)

11/08/2010 * 08:49:08

Good Morning-These are very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing and I am so glad to have re-connected with you. Have a wonderful day! Pat


  Maria Herndon

11/06/2010 * 18:55:22

You are a very talented lady!


  Evan Alcala

11/04/2010 * 23:03:38

Very cool! Did you drink all that wine for the corks? I hope so! Thank you for all the love and support, I can't wait to see you and Michael!


  Jan Stephens

11/03/2010 * 23:04:00

Dee" Beautiful pictures...Like the pumpkin. Have been to the Hotel Del Cornado. We are from Calif...Jan


  Dave Coster

10/26/2010 * 10:00:18

Hi Dee. It was nice hearing from you! I read your blog, "The Art of Healing Through Art." As you know my wife has many problems and I wish I could get her interested in something, anything, to occupy her mind. Your photographs are beautiful!



  Steve Drum

10/22/2010 * 18:40:27

Hi Dee:

Nice job. I love the photos. I have really been staying busy and I'm getting married next month. My oldest son is also getting married next July at my home in Michigan.

Take care:



  Baron Lee

10/21/2010 * 14:15:36

It was such a WONDERFUL evening connecting with you two this past Monday in Sedona. Thanks soo much for taking the time, effort and energy in making it happen.
I LOVE what you're doing here with your fabulous photos ... especially the new 'Paniolo'. HA!!HA!!

Aloha a hui hou,
Baron =)


  Anita A. Alcala

10/17/2010 * 22:14:38

Hi Dee

Are you home yet? I just took a look at your Autumn pictures & loved each & every one of them!

What are the haikus for the, "Great Pumpkin" & "Artichoke"?

Rest up & I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Love you!




  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

10/15/2010 * 08:52:02

Hi Dee,
Love the colors in the photo "Carnival Time"


  Chuck Howard

10/03/2010 * 19:19:01


As I sit here next to your sister, Judy, I have come to appreciate your photos and the power of the images. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for the tip and leading me to ArtId.



  Anita A. Alcala

09/29/2010 * 15:08:37

Hi Dee,

I just got through reading, "Mom's White Dove", and looking at the accompanying picture.

Both are beautiful. You know how proud Mom was of you! She was proud of all her kids, but I think she secretly delighted in your success!

Ever since Mom passed, I've been seeing hummingbirds here & there. When she & I used to go on our little adventures, we used to see hummingbirds every now & then.

I think she turned herself into a Dove & also a Hummingbird. She probably has the capability to change into any kind of bird she wants, as long as she can fly & soar above us.

I think about her every day & I miss & love her so much, it hurts. I pray she is better off, whenever she has gone & that she is happy!

Thank you for all you did for her! I know she greatly appreciated it!

Love you & miss you!




  Anita A. Alcala

09/29/2010 * 14:40:52

I love the stained glass of your,"Hallelujah" composition!

I bet Mom loved the colors, especially with the sun shining through them!

I've always loved stained glass & admire the artists that still do it.

I really liked the lighting you used to take this picture and the story that goes along with it!

Love ya & miss ya!





09/28/2010 * 23:59:30

You're pretty talented. Keep snap'n one shot at a time.


  Judy Crawford

09/27/2010 * 17:38:39

You continue to amaze me with all your beautiful art work. I am so proud of you! God has blessed you with a unique talent which you are now sharing with the world. Keep up the good work.



  mary saurdiff

09/27/2010 * 15:03:38

Wow Dee, you are very talented! Love your stuff.


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

09/27/2010 * 08:40:01

"Mom's White Dove" a very touching photo, Dee.



09/25/2010 * 17:42:33

Wow!! You are very talented!!! I love your work especially the one of the children! Pictures are great.


  Dan Sparks

09/25/2010 * 04:01:21

Dee, You seem to have a knack for capturing images that everyone can relate to, yet are unique to your eye. It's almost like we can experience the event or view for ourselves. When I think I've seen the "PERFECT" picture, you come up with something completely different that makes me change my mind. Love ya;Sparky


  Bart Harnack

09/25/2010 * 01:40:03

Hello Dee

I have enjoyed viewing your photographs.
The Hawaiian Islands and Flowers are very impressive!

Bart Harnack


  Susan Henry

09/24/2010 * 13:02:39

Very nice Dee, you are so talented.


  Helen Pittman / John Lassos

09/23/2010 * 17:44:39

Enjoyed looking at Kitty pictures very pretty Kitties


  Anita A. Alcala

09/22/2010 * 13:46:50

I just love the,"Once Liquid Mass!" Great colors & textures! Do you know who the artist is? Is it your buddy, Dale Cuilhuly? (spelling?)

The Dendrite & the Fish Fossil were very interesting to look at. I liked the way the dendrites looked like a field of wheat, blowing in the wind.

Now,you are not just the Master Mad Packer, but also the Mistress Mad Shutterbug!

Love you & miss you!




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/19/2010 * 06:51:48

As a once upon a time neuroscience graduate school program applicant that was turned down because I was not Korean or African enough, I most definitely would enjoy hearing about your interpretation/perception of dendrites. Also, I have spent about 6 years of my life off an on pursuing histories of the natural past and I would have just jumped for joy if I came across something like that out in the badlands.


  Jeff Lawson ( homepage )

09/14/2010 * 17:14:51

Wonderful images! Your photographs show you to have a designer's eye for composition and color. I remember the old church on Kuaii...... it was a photo begging to be taken and you did. Your Poetry Art is very interesting also.


  Jo Hart

09/14/2010 * 14:09:57

I just love the picture of Audrey 2; the contrast of each color just draws you in....and now,the "Best of Red" hangs on our wall...


  Brandon Alcala ( homepage )

09/13/2010 * 13:30:21

I really like your Hawaiian photos. The sky in "Kauai Sunset" is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could witness a sunset like that in person. I also love the way the water jumps off the rocks in "Lava Beach".


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

09/13/2010 * 11:03:39

Hi Dee,
I stopped by your gallery to view your work. Everything is wonderful but I just love your flower and Hawaii photos! Flowers are a favorite subject of mine. I was raised by my grandparents so I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She always had flowers around the house. Now I do, too. I will continue to drop by your gallery to see your new work and feel free to drop by mine.


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

09/12/2010 * 07:34:14

Love the pumpkin!
Debra Spegal


  Anita A. Alcala

09/09/2010 * 13:33:05

Hi Tootsie!

I really liked the metal suns from your matted prints! They are very eye-catching! Probably more so, when outside in the sun! Keep up the excellent work!


  Tim Gray ( homepage )

08/24/2010 * 15:38:46

Hi Dee
Glad you liked my painting of Lone Cypress, I really love that area.I looked at your photo of 17 mile drive, really nice. I always enjoy looking at your pictures when you put up new ones.Your pictures of Sedona bring back memories, you take really nice pictures, a good eye for composition, you feel like you are there. Good work.


  John Lassos

08/23/2010 * 19:13:49

Nice website thanks for sharing
Love the family pictures.
Love you Cousin


  Joan Hanson

08/17/2010 * 15:39:40

Love the Purple Flower sitting on the
Leaves with the water.
The detail is wonderful.
I'm very proud of your work.Shows a
special eye.


  Judy Crawford

08/12/2010 * 21:34:40

All of the pictures are beautiful. Each has a beauty of its own. Great work! You have captured not only the essence of nature, but given us a glimpse through your eyes of all that surrounds us.It's like taking a trip without leaving home. Spectacular views!!


  Anita Alcala

08/12/2010 * 13:41:35

I took a look at all the Children pictures, and noticed that the last one of the little girls doing the hula, was out of focus.

I don't know if that was your intent or not.

You really do have an eye for photography! Beautiful pictures!

Love ya




  Anita A. Alcala

08/04/2010 * 12:39:32

This is all so beautiful! I love those kitty pictures. They look so regal!

Of course, you know I love flowers, just like Mom did! Also, like Mom, get a kick out of little kids!

Your lovely pictures of Hawaii make me want to go there some day!

All of your pictures are wonderful! You really have a good eye for it!



  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

08/02/2010 * 12:15:17

The Hotel Del is one of my favorite places on earth. Somewhere in the world I have pictures of the dining room which is spectacular. I hope I get the chance to go back again someday. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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