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Hawaii Bound

by decal5 , May 8, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Hawaii, Heritage, Maui, beauty, expeditions, flowers, images, mother nature, nature, photographic, sharing, spiritual. home, tradition, volcano

I will be leaving for Hawaii soon. This is one of the many trips that I have taken there over the past 45+ years.Hawaii is my home away from home. Each year when the Spring weather is starting to turn towards Summer, I escape the heat of Arizona,and make my way to the Islands to Photograph some of the beauty that awaits me~ There is much to see,much to do,and no matter how many times I go back,it always offers me new rewards~

This trip I will focus on Maui, more than the other islands. I will go to Kula, which is in upcountry, and I will get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for awhile. I will also visit Hana and Kehei and get some delightful shots of their daily lifestyle. I will visit Haleakala, and the spiritual "Heiau"... I will take in all that mother nature allows; and when I am ready, I will return to Kaanapali, Kapalua and Lahaina, the whaling port,where there is more activity going on,and I will undoubtedly visit the golf courses and the beaches~ I will visit friends and enjoy their company and stories~ All in all, Hawaii will provide me with a myriad of photographs that I will be able to share here with you! Some will be "spiritual" and some will be traditional....while others will be just for fun! I am Hawaii bound,and I smile as I complete this page,knowing that paradise is just around the corner~ Aloha~





07/09/2012 * 16:58:25

While in Hawaii, if you ever need a Caddy I will volunter to be personal caddy. You know a caddy always keeps the golfer's balls clean and offer advice....I could do that with plesure.
Have fun and watch out for slicing the ball, No mulligans you know...or are you allowed one each hole! BTW, Love your Photos....truly a piece of Art!!

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