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In Celebration Of Mary

by decal5 , March 25, 2012—12:00 AM

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I must say that I was devastated,after reading about the passing of Mary Lawler recently;but I also want to communicate my appreciation to Annie Steiner for writing such a wonderful tribute to Mary,in her latest blog.

Mary impressed me from day one. When I first joined artid, it was Mary who made it a point to make me feel at home. She wrote me a note about one of the pictures that I had posted and thanked me for jogging her memory about "one of her favorite places on earth". It was the Hotel del Coronado, from the San Diego area of California. We discussed how spectacular the dining room was there, and she said that she hoped to be able to go back there again some day. I knew that she had paid attention to the detail that I had written in my description, and was actually re-living & sharing her experience at the Del with me! Mary was like that.She was a very outgoing and kind person. She was a breath of fresh air;especially in a day,and age where so many do not even take the time out to communicate~ Mary was truly quite special!

I loved receiving an e-mail from her, when some of my works were chosen for the small works gallery;again Mary made me feel good about this, and encouraged me to share my photography. I fell in love with her "small works piece", entitled " Did you hear that?" I believe this to be one of Mary's very own cats~ Mary shared so much of herself in her beautiful works~ I admired her Calligraphy;her love of color and paper choice and also her graphic arts work, but mostly I must admit... I admired the woman she was; her wonderfully infectious personality,and her beautiful spirit.

Today, as I sit here and think about this woman, I realize that there are others who knew her much better than me, and there are many who are missing her...but for some reason,I feel compelled to come here,and share my feelings with you, because I know in my heart that Mary would prefer that we Celebrate her life, rather than dwell on her passing. Mary was the type of person who was well worth celebrating! She was a true blessing to me. "Did Ya hear that", Mary? I sure hope so, because I will always remember you and what a positive impact you made on my life. Now, each time I look at this picture, or I return to Hotel Del, I will think of you, and I will be sure to take you back there with me~





03/29/2012 * 12:20:23

Carla, I so appreciate your kind note. Mary was "One of a Kind". I will be sure to watch the beautiful skies, to see what she comes up with next! Blessings to you all at artid.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

03/27/2012 * 14:00:40


Thank you so much for expressing precisely the person that Mary was. I've know her for years and find the loss still something I have yet to truly accept in my heart. And then again, I still have her in my heart, as her soul and spirit are so immortal that I know my memories of her will live in perpetuity for me. I will forever be able to see her radiant face & smile and to hear her laugh, whether it be the joyful or the mischievous.

I am honored that I had the opportunity to know her, love her and be with her to the end. She carried the revered signature "Queen of the Universe," and now she truly is. May she reign over the moon & stars as she writes & paints on the cosmic canvas of the galaxy.

Heartfelt thanks to you for such a lovely tribute.


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