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Dee Callahan Art Blog

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

by decal5 , March 9, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Art Gallery, Artwork, Hawaii, Museum, beauty, change, different, disappointments, favorites, grand canyon, mother nature, nature, photographic, volcano

I have always loved Mother Nature's beautiful creations, and having lived in Arizona for the past eight years, have seen many! One of course is the wonderful Grand Canyon.The Grand Canyon with it's wondrous north and south rims offers both hikers and photographers many glorious views.

Not to take anything away from Arizona's beauty, there is another Grand Canyon, which many call "The Grand Canyon of the Pacifc", and it resides in Waimea, Hawaii, on the "Garden Island" of Kauai. This island just so happens to be my home away from home. I can go there year after year and always find something new to share. The colors of this magnificent island are plentiful,and the Grand Canyon of the Pacifc offers new delights every single time. There are no disappointments there! Depending on the angle of the picture I am taking, and the time of the day, I can get a myriad of colors, ranging from the blue blue skies to the green vegetation to the red rock,earth colored clay, and the mesmerizing black of this volcanic creation. At times it's almost too much to take in, as I move back and forth angling for just the right shot. This picture is one shot that helped me get selected recently for a statewide "Juried" art competition and exhibit,being held from March 26- thru May 17th, 2012 at the Peoria City Hall Art Gallery;in conjunction with the West Valley Art Museum. The exhibit will be held at 8401 W. Monroe St. Peoria, AZ. I have been selected to exhibit two of my many other Hawaiian photos there, as well. My other entries chosen are the Kilauea Lighthouse;not far from tne Waimea Canyon,and overlooking the cliffs... and also the Wailua River Fern Grotto which has undergone many of Mother Nature's changes and challenges since Hurricane Iniki. Each of these Kauai locations are my spiritual havens.



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