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Dee Callahan Art Blog

A Thing of Beauty

by decal5 , February 18, 2012—06:57 AM

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I have always had a passion for Mother Nature, and all of the wonderful creative art that she provides me with, on a daily basis! There is almost never a day that can go by, that I don't spot some beautiful flower or creature that she has allowed me the priviledge of sharing with her~

Mother Nature is cool. She is a thing of beauty to me, rather than a person, or the embodiment of human flesh! She is almost everywhere I go outdoors; and I have yet to say that for even one minute she has disappointed me....

Mother Nature is the "protective" Mother of this planet that we call EARTH,and yet she is still willing to share with me....All I have to do is get up and get out! She makes it easy by providing me with tons of material to shoot. Whether it be an early morning the Woodpecker I caught up in my Sisso tree, or the tulip that bloomed this morning, I am always given new surprises! I am in awe of her gifts a she always comes up with beautiful colors....

The photograph that I have taken here, is one that you might just take for granted, if you are not in tune with your surroundings...but, it certainly isn't something that is easy to forget;once you've had the good fortune to view. That's how "Mother Nature" is...she is the BEST artist of all....



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