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Dee Callahan Art Blog

Peoria, Az. City Hall Art Gallery Juried Competition

by decal5 , February 3, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Art Gallery, Artwork, Honor, Museum, artists, creating, passion, prestigious

On Friday,February 3,2012,I will take part in a Statewide "Juried" Art Competition, held at the Peoria Art Gallery in Peoria, AZ. City Hall. This competition is held in conjunction with the West Valley Art Museum, and will feature artists and photographers from the state of Az.

It is an honor to be part of such a prestigious "Juried" competition. Both of these organizations have shared their passion for art through their permanent collections, exhibitions and educational programs.

The Peoria City Hall Art Gallery is located at 8401 West Monroe Street, Peoria, AZ. and is currently exhibiting one of West Valley Art Museum's permanent collections called " From The East: Cultural Diversity in Arizona"

This exhibit contains selections from the Museums Ethnic Dress Collection, related Artifacts and Paintings. The gallery is open for viewing Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 10 am-4pm, and Thursday 12 Noon until 6 pm. or by appointment.



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