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Happy Autumn Everyone!

by decal5 , November 1, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, apples, artists, beauty, blessings, change, commitment, creative, different, fears, future, goals, networking, photographic

Happy Autumn everyone!! November 1st is now upon us,and it lterally sprang up out of nowhere! This year has flown by so fast,that I still think of it as being only the beginning of Summer...Now we are already into Fall, with Old man Winter, close at our heels!

Fall reminds me of so many things. When the leaves on the trees start to change colors and fall, it reminds me that this is the end of another season; just like the seasons of our lives;and that we too are due for change whether we like it or not! Sometimes, it is for the best.... even though we may not know it at that time..All change is good...because it helps us to grown and move on........ Sometimes onward and upward to bigger and better things for the new year! We shut one door and open another. (Sometimes, only to find that we had nothing to fear to begin with!) That is what FDR once said" The only thing that we have to fear, is fear itself!"...

I like to contemplate what my new year will be like. It helps me fear less...It makes me much more confident of what I will do! I like to take this time of the year as an artist and photographer, to plan. I prepare myself as much as I can for the next step, even tho' most of the time, I don't even know what the next step will be!! Will it be finding a new way to market my art? Will it be making new and different connections? Will it be better networking, or more solidly set goals????...or will it just be to enjoy what I do everyday, which is breathe in the air, and thank God for yet another beautiful new day??? Everyone has their own priorities... I find that mine are becoming more and more simplified, and consistant as the years go by. I have made a lot of progress in defining them, and that has made it much easier for me.I love simplicity!It is so rewarding!

So today,for all my artists friends, and for all of you non-artists here, who just like to visit and read. I salute November and Autumn with this simple pix;a Horn-a Plenty filled with much "Food for thought'!!! Take what you will of this post...unless of course you have a very BIG appetite and just wanna eat all of those apples or bake a few yummy homemade pies!! Happy Autumn to you all!! Blessings and many beautiful thoughts and dreams this Holiday season~





11/06/2011 * 19:52:47

Dear Sis,

Just beautifully written as always.

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