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Dee Callahan Art Blog

My New Adventure

by decal5 , July 9, 2011—12:00 AM

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Today, I want to write about something that I am very excited about. It is a new website that I have created for showcasing my original photographs in different formats.

First of all, let me say that I will still be here at artid, and that will not change; but rather than limiting myself to showing my photograhy in the usual way, I will now be complimenting it, by allowing viewers to see it at it's best. The way that I am accomplishing this is that I am choosing different colored mats and frames for each photo that I take in order to show the viewer what it would look like, rather than just viewing my picture, plain vanilla....and, then on top of that, the software involved in my new website will allow you to not only see it framed, matted etc, but also to choose from a grouping of frames and different mat colors, different paper, and even different types of glass i.e. non-glare, regular that you can view my photos in many different lights, and perhaps select one that is best for you.

It will allow you to see my photography converted to Canvas Art; as larger art prints are available, and can be created for your viewing pleasure.. This is very exciting for me, because it allows me to provide all of my customers with the opportunity to go on-line,and custom order my work, the way that they like; without me having to stock all of the mats, frames, glass etc. In addition,there is a 30 day Money $$$ back guarantee,if you are disatisfied for any reason. You are also able to contact me and leave me messages,if you have any questions or need to have something clarified.

Sometimes a print will look great in more than one color matting or one or more's up to you to choose what fits in with your decor! You can play around with each art gallery photo which I have classified according to their genre,date that I created it, subject and more. It will be easy to search for just the right thing you want.

For example, if you want flowers, I have a Botanical and Floral gallery. If you want animals, I have one of those too... and if you want to be more specific and say you want Birds; I have a gallery just for birds as well.

This new website affords me a lot of flexibility and new opportunity to sell my work. At the same time, it also links back to my galleries here on artid, where I house many more of my works,and also create custom greeting cards from many of my original photos. I do not offer this service on my new site at all.. I take custom orders for greeting cards only upon special request.

My new website is a site that will allow me to offer quite a few larger pieces of my work on Canvas, or matted and framed. This is great news for my Corporate customers, who often find that they would like to order my larger print works for their offices and/or homes.

I am thrilled to now be able to offer this option~ The canvas prints come in many sizes, and prices; and in additional make wonderful gifts. If you do not know what someone would like, you have the option of purchasing a "Gift Certificate' for them. They can then put together one of my photographs with their own choice of frames, mats etc. so that they are guaranteed to be pleased.

For more info about what I am doing, please take a minute and go to:

I have posted this new website address here at artid, under my favorites as well, so that it will be easy for you to find and link thru, anytime... Please don't forget~

I think that you will find it a pleasant experience to see how different artwork can look, in different formats on my new site.. I look forward to you joining my fan club there and in addition, offering your comments and advice. Happy viewing. Hope you have a good time creating something special that meets your own needs~




  Judy Crawford

07/12/2011 * 16:20:29

Hi Dee,
As usual you have outdone yourself again. Great website with something for everyone's taste. It's a hit!! Take care.



  Anita Alcala

07/10/2011 * 16:11:38

Hi Tootsie!

What a great idea! This is sure to please everyone! Congratulations & I wish you much success with your new website! Love you!



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