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Hawaiian Art- Original Watercolors By Melissa

by decal5 , February 18, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, California, Hawaii, Heritage, artists, attitude, beauty, creative, flowers, gratitude, heart, love, nature, tradition

Today, I'd like to blog about a very fine watercolor artist named Melissa Ozaki from Waikoloa Hawaii. I met Melissa a few years back, while I was on the Big island. I first encountered her selling her artwork at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club; outdoors by the pool where they were having festivities and music.

I was immediately drawn to the colorful watercolor pictures that she was displaying. When I asked her about them, it was obvious to me that Melissa took great pride, living in Hawaii and being able to capture the natural beauty of her surroundings. She mainly painted trees, flowers, fish, Honu ( turtles), the ocean and the volcanoes from what I could see; and she also got great joy from painting the little children frolicking in the afternoon sun. Many of Melissa's paintings are simple and show her whimsical personality, and yet the simple ones are the ones that I like the best because they are innocent, and yet very profound. It isn't easy to paint "simplicity", graciously.

One picture that Melissa did that really impressed me was of two donkeys in the road, and the sign Donkey Xing in front of them. It wasn't just a picture of was a picture that she drew from her heart; a picture to bring awareness to the fact that there were many wild donkeys being hit by cars. This picture,as well as several others can be seen on facebook,or by contacting Melissa at Her facebook is Melissa Ozaki Hawaii watercolors where you will find about 15 samples of her lovely work in two albums.

If you ask Melissa "Where are you originally from?", She replies jokingly " I am born on another island about the same size as the Big Island,and it's shaped like a fish!"

From Long Island, New York ~ Melissa moved to California, settling in North County, San Diego..... but,in 1983 she vacationed in Hawaii to celebrate her Big 30 and never wanted to go home. She fell in love with the Big Island, as it beckoned her. It became her new home!

Shortly after returning from her holoholo, ( vacation), she decided to relocate. She became a permanent resident on November 1, 1984, settling on the Kona coast~ In 1991, she moved to Waikoloa. She appreciates the Kamakani winds there.

Melissa first started to express her love of Hawaii, and it's traditions; people, animals, and Aloha, after receiving a gift from her dear friend Michaela. This gift was a lovely new box of paint supplies~ Today, you will see that love continues to grow, as well as the sheer number of beautiful watercolors, which she now sells on original designed and signed cards too. Her truly whimsical style represents her child like nature which is innocent and pure. What makes Melissa's art so enjoyable is the " Attitude", with which she paints and presents her work. She is always cheerful and full of information about each card, or each print. She paints with her heart.... and after all, isn't that what we are all striving for?; since the word " Art" is a part of our heART!(s)




  anthony picone

08/02/2013 * 09:54:45

My inlaw MARIA bought your watercolor of a waterfall recenty and carried it throughout her trip. I was there and
enjoyed the artwork as well as the meal
and hospitality. thanks



  Dee Alcala-Callahan ( homepage )

07/13/2013 * 20:12:06

I will be seeing Melissa again in Sept. and plan on getting more of her works. She is a dear friend~


  ray ban ( homepage )

03/28/2011 * 04:22:56

Thanks for getting Melissa to post her pictures,they are so beautiful.


  Genie Ruddle

02/21/2011 * 10:45:45

Aloha Dee!
MAHALO NUI for sharing Melissa's passionate art work. I am privileged to own several of her pieces! She is a devoted artist and friend and she really deserves to have that cover on the local magazine!
Aloha no!


  Anita Alcala

02/21/2011 * 04:57:38

Hi Dee,

Thanks for getting Melissa to post her pictures. They are all beautiful!

I love the way she is able to capture both the wild life & the flowers.

Please thank her for the kitten & fishbowl card. I really enjoyed it!



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