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Happy New Year 2011!

by decal5 , January 2, 2011—12:00 AM

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Happy New Year to all. May you,your families,loved ones and friends be blessed beyond your wildest imagination this year. May 2011 bring you good health, good fortune,good love, and peace! These are my wishes for you!

When I think of the New Year's arrival,2011 seems to have come out of no where. Where did 2010 go? Search me!!

Now that we are in 2011, it is time not just to make new year's resolutions; but to make "Commitments" to ourselves as well as to others! Resolutions are made and broken every single year. We all do it. We probably all have good intentions, but resolutions seem to be something that we think no one will notice if we forget. Maybe that is because we tend to make these resolutions about ourselves and our own lives, not really thinking much about how they will affect others. This year resolve to COMMIT! Commit first to yourself and love yourself enough to follow through! Commitments should be taken a bit more seriously;that is why I say make a commitment!

Think about all that the New Year has to offer, and go for it!! It's not gonna just sit around waiting for you! The passage of time is ever flowing, growing;changing...May we all learn from it... Think about your dreams and your wishes for your future, and also for today! Make short term and long term plans that you intend to keep! Write lists...follow them, create new ones after you have completed the tasks! Better yourself, by doing something out of the ordinary! Call someone up that you haven't spoken to for years...someone perhaps who meant something special to you! Write them a note... It will make their day and your's! Surprise others, and you will certainly surprise yourself !

" Life is like a silent Poem, unless it is shared" © dac~

Vow to share a part of you that you haven't shared before. There is a part in each of us that is aching to do so! Let your spirit soar and bring you tranquility, love and peace.

Create! Everyone has some talent yet undiscovered. You will be in for a treat! "Creativity feeds the soul and nourishes the spirit!" © dac~ How hungry are you this year???

Each of us has the same number of days in the year, and the same 24 hrs in a day! Make the most of it and you will be able to look back at this New Year and smile! Each of us has a NEW chance to do that something that we didn't do last year,or the year before that,or for the past decade perhaps! Make this year special and you will feel special inside! You will never regret it!!!Tranquility is golden~

So far this year, I have had the wonderful opportunity of doing something that my spirit has been waiting for; something that my dear mother wanted to see me achieve. Being the middle child in a large family was never easy, but somehow my mother imbred in me that I was to be the keeper of her wish to reunite the entire family. After many years of geographical re-locations and losses, it was something that I felt that I must accomplish this year! I knew in my heart that if I did nothing else, that this would bring me calm! I am happy to report that as of January 1, 2011,I was able to do so by re-connecting with the last of my siblings who had lost contact with the others for several years. What Joy!!

I can't tell you how good it feels to know that no matter what, I made a commitment to something bigger and better than my own life. I made a commitment to go outside of myself to do something that I felt was not only necessary, but also required of me;to make my life better,and to reach out to another human spirit. To reach out,and let them know they were not in this world alone! Happy New Year, 2011... and Thank You for your arrival;you certainly have started off as a very special year; a year of wonderful commitments and even more wonderful surprises!! Blessings to all on a new road this year!!! It begins one step at a time!




  Anita Alcala

01/10/2011 * 04:27:27

Hi Dee

I'm so sorry it took so long to read this, but I'm so glad I did! I loved what you wrote, big Sis!

It's true, you did accomplish something that was bigger than oneself & I am here to attest that it was no mean feat! Ha, Ha!
Especially with, "OUR UNUSUAL FAMILY"!

I know you are my, "Guardian Angel", but you must also have some other kinds of magical powers to pull off what you did! It was truly a Holiday Miracle!

Mom is definitely looking down on you in awe.

Love you, Big Sis! You're the Best!


Anita Jr.


  Jo Hart

01/06/2011 * 19:14:36

I certainly agree with you & have been able to connect with most of my family during the past year... What blessings for us all as we really miss each other so much... as far as commitment goes,I have a new year resolution that I'm so excited about even tho it has a strict serious side...But I know with Gods blessings I can be true to my commitment to myself and for my family... wishing you a wonderful year ahead with many blessings and love from all of us.


  Judy Crawford

01/02/2011 * 16:12:05


I am glad that you are excited about the New Year. As usual, your words ring true about new beginnings and comittments to be made. Isn't it great to have a whole new year? A year to make things happen, a year to touch family and friends,a year filled with blessings from above, a year to share all the wonderful things that life has to offer. I hope that all your dreams come true this year Dear sis. You above all certainly deserve the best!

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