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Dee Callahan Art Blog

Wolfs Robe Plays the Flute

by decal5 , November 14, 2010—12:00 AM

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For those of you who read my blogs, you may know a bit about me. I am of Native American Ancestry, with my Mother's mother; my Grandmother Rose Pastora, being a full-blooded Shoshone Native American~. For this reason, I often seek out Native American artists who either draw, paint, do sculpture, basket weaving/making or beading; or who create art in one way or another. As you know many Native American Indians are wonderful Jewelry makers.They create their own unique, yet traditional designs!

Today, I got lucky looking at some of those designs because they were created by Wolfs Robe's wife, Denise, and him too; but moreover,I was able to meet this mesmerizing man called "Wolfs Robe" who is of Native American Shawnee/ Cherokee descent, and he was a wealth of information to me! Along with that fact,he is a spectacular Flute player who plays with such heart,that he will take you to a whole different world. You will conjure up lovely peaceful visions in your head;which will make you cry! It is that emotional journey that many, or most of us seek; that he brings~ That is his gift!! He is magical and mesmerizing~

Wolfs Robe writes his own Spiritual music for the flute, and plays as if he were a Native American Angel, high up in the clouds. His original music is soothing and Cathartic; his manner of addressing his audience,remarkable. He is a well spoken individual unlike what many would think, due to the stereotyping that goes on;(yes,even these days) about all Native American Indians. He proves those stereo types to be totally wrong, and leaves you with hope.He is a blessing to his culture and his people! He also has a great sense of humor,and is totally enjoyable to engage, if you ever get the chance to meet him. He resides in Sedona, Arizona, having come to Arizona from Oklahoma~ He is one with the plains, and now he is one with the canyons~

Wolfs Robe has created four spiritual CDs that speak to us in the flutes language; which is calm and peaceful. Some of his works include titles such as "Woodlands", Grand View, River Lands,Loon's Lake, Earth & Sea,Sky World,Bear Lodge,Ancient Dreams, Sky People,Spirits of the Wind,Sinaguan,Dancing in the Sun, Into the World, Gifts from the four directions,Visions of the Past, The Hunt, Land of Harvest, River of Harvest,Medicine Wheel, Prayer to the Ages, Star Peoples Journey,Legacy, Voices of the Wind, and Hope. There are many others that I haven't mentioned, but if you would like to find out more about this man;this true artist,and also his lovely wife's jewelry; to see what they offer this world, please go to You will be glad that you did~ Ah Ho~( Blessings to all)




  Anita A Alcala

11/22/2010 * 00:01:20

Hi Dee

Thanks for the blog about Wolfs Robe & turning me on to his website.

You know I have always loved the flute ever since I was a little girl.

You always seem to find someone or something someone does that is truly unique.

Love you!



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