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Dee Callahan Art Blog


by decal5 , November 7, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Family, artists, attitude, blessings, fears, gratitude, kindness, sharing, strangers, strength, support, thank you, time

It is already November. I don't know where this year went! It seems like only yesterday it was September, and all of a sudden October zipped on by. Maybe it was because I had lots of things going on in October, like a brother in the hospital, and a lot of traveling to do...maybe it was just that time passes by at the same rate for everyone, but for me it seemed to fly by at warp speed! In any case, It is November,and time for me to reflect on all that has gone by and all that I have to be thankful for this year!

First of all I would like to thank my family for being my backbone when times were tough. We all need a little help from time to time, so thank you for holding me up those times I was getting ready to fall... Secondly, Thank you for having faith in me so that I had faith in myself~ Thank you to all of those friends that I met here at ArtId who encouraged me and gave me their support. I don't need to mention know who you are~~

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and we all have so much to be grafteful for; even when we think that we don't! I know that the word " Attitude' ( with two t's... is a part of the word "Gratitude", and I would like to say that our attitudes have a lot to do with what we get out of life! When we give with gratitude in our hearts, we get even more in return. I have always believed this and it is what works for me... Some people don't feel that way, but maybe it's because they never truly tried it without ties;to see what they might feel inside. Thanksgiving is both a time for being thankful and a time for giving. That is why it is called Thanksgiving! I would like to tell you a little story about how my mother impressed this upon me at a very early age.

My Mother did not come from a well to do home, nor did she ever have very much, yet she was always grateful for whatever she had. She taught all of her 9 children to be thankful that they were blessed with 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, and a brain... a mind to think for themselves, and a heart to feel! Her biggest lesson to me was to count my blessings every single day;no matter what time of the year it was, and to also remember that there were always others out in this world who had even less...

She once showed me just how gracious and thankful she could be by offering a total stranger a cup pf coffee and a piece of toast, when she found the man outside of her house, just sitting on the lawn, obviously hungry and destitute. For this she received a BIG smile, and gratitude from this man's heart. Mom was not afraid of helping others whenever she could, even if it was her last cup of coffee and last slice of bread. She taught me that by giving we receive even more in return..That BIG smile was her reward.It made her day,infact it made her week! SHE WAS FULFILLED!!

We talked many times about helping others; especially during the holidays...( Mom was born on Christmas Day) and so it became a custom for me to invite over a couple or an individual for Thanksgiving to spend time with our family; and to have a nice hot home cooked meal together and always give thanks together as well. I have been doing this now for many years in my Mother's honor. Sometimes, it's a total stranger, like Mom favored, but other times it's someone that I have met who is less fortunate...sometimes it's a senior citizen or a latchkey kid, and sometimes it's a friend with no place to go... no family to be with or the like... In any case, I am always rewarded by the fact that they enjoy the hot home cooked meal that I delight in preparing with the love in my heart, placed there by my dear this Thanksgiving, think about what it is you have to be thankful for, and show some gratitude to someone who might least expect it. Life is way too short and we are all in this world together!

Take the time to count your blessings even when you aren't sure what they are. They may not be tangible, but they are definitely always there to be had, if you try! Don't sit on that stool waiting for things or people to come to you...Go out and make it happen yourself!! YOU CAN, if you'll just try!Take the "attitude: in "gratitude" and run with it, and see just how many little surprises you will find. My Blessings to you all~




  Shqiprim ( homepage )

05/01/2012 * 01:04:02

This is AWESOME! I love that you left the nose picking in! ha ha!I WISH we had purlpe turkeys that would be rad. I'm thankful we don't eat those beautiful PEACOCKS we both share a love of those pretty colours right? But we have to wait until November for Thanksgiving because we're too busy pigging out on all that candy from Halloween in October! Gotta spread out the food fests right?Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for letting us all see her pick her nose.


  Francisco ( homepage )

04/28/2012 * 19:53:05

Barbara Lynn Culler I understand what you are saiyng! Since learning about photography, I'm even more aware of the world around me and everything now is a potential photo shoot! I just need to get out of my car more and just do it


  Patti Thatcher

11/17/2011 * 23:51:44

So you brought me here for a reason, for that I hug you!Thank you my sistah! My eyes continue to open, sometimes I didn't realize they had been slowly closing!Between this blog and the one from Christmas about your mother, you brought a tear to my eyes( good thing I refilled my Kleenex holder ) and I see a lot of my Mom in your words!I am sure your Mom looks down on you with love and pride, and she should, she done good !!! Thank you my friend!
Love you bunches!


  Cat Eandi

11/13/2011 * 13:33:46

Now I know how you became you. You and your siblings were so blessed to grow up with such a loving and caring Mother. I was reading your story above and I felt like I was reading about you. I feel like I knew your mother because the way you describe her is the way I see you. Thank you for sharing this story and opening, at least my eyes, to what being Thankful is really about. Although I do not have people over to my home, I give to others in so many other ways. I believe in what goes around comes around. You and your family are a true blessing. Your Mom I am sure is full of joy and at peace of how you have carried on. God Bless you and your family Dee. Love to you always,


  Judy Crawford

12/12/2010 * 12:27:16


Your words are so beautiful, inspiring,
and loving just like our wonderful Mom.
I am sure that she is up in Heaven looking down at us and very proud of you. It's true we must count our blessings every day and be grateful for what we have and our attitude definitely
makes our gratitude all the more precious and meaningful.Your words brought tears to my eyes.


  Anita Alcala

12/01/2010 * 17:40:28

Hi Dee,

Yes, we were blessed with a beautiful mother, who always thought of others, before herself.

That is a wonderful tradition to carry on in her honor. I'm sure she is looking down on you & smiling,happy that you listened to her & continue to make helping others your lifework.

I,like you think of her every day,love her,miss her & remember what a remarkable woman she was and is. I'm sure Heaven is much better off with her up there,helping to run things. I can't wait to see her again!

Love you big sis, my Guardian Angel!

YLS (and eternal Devil)



  Jo Hart

11/10/2010 * 23:51:25

What a beautiful story...your mother was a wise and wonderful,caring, loving person. You also have your mothers warmth and wisdom. How blessed to have learned those gifts at such an early age.
I believe what you say is truth for all. We need to have the attitude for gratitude. It matters how we think and see the world and what we can do for others. We must always count our blessings...

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