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Holidays and Family~

by decal5 , December 25, 2010—12:00 AM

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Today is a very special day in our family. It is not only Christmas Day, but it is also the day that my mother Anita was born. Mom passed on in 2006, but her heart and her spirit still lives on in each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren today!

Mom had nine children and was the type of mother who you always knew was there for you. Even if she had to work,she made sure that she was home when the kids got out of school;and if she couldn't be, then she would send our Aunt Alice over to pitch hit! That is the kind of Mom that my Mother was; loving, caring always a beautiful spirit gracing this earth with her unconditional love qnd support.

She was not only this force in our family's life, but she was this force in everyone's life she touched. Mom loved children and had adopted so many of the neighborhood latchkey kids on the block, that they all began to call her Grannie! ( and a true Grannie she was!!)

If Mrs. Green had an emergency and couldn't be home, her children came to Grannie's..If Nellie's daughter Nirvava needed help, my mother was always there for her too! There simply wasn't a child around that my Mom did not care for. She loved us all equally, and followed the words of the Bible to love thy neighbor. She also believed in the "Golden Rule" This is what made Mom shine in our eyes! She was special! Our Mother was loved by every life she touched!

Today is Christmas, but it is so much more to me. It is a time for family to get together to share all of the memories that Mom created and planted in our lives. Mom was a wise woman who scattered her seeds much like Kokopelli,the infamous trickster in folklore;also the little guy with the magical seeds in his humpback pouch, who brings fertility to the barren, and abundance to all!! Mom did all this and more, with a BIG beautiful smile on her face, ALWAYS! We were so blessed to call her our mother!

Today, I have love in my heart for my family and my fellow man because it is the love of my mother, passed on through the years.That is what family and Community are all about! I have my Mother to thank for this feeling~ Thanx, Mom!

A Mother is the Creator of life. She is, according to the Webster's dictionary one who gives birth, cares for and protects! My mother not only gave birth, cared for us and so many others in her extended family;but above all was our nuturerer and our protector! She was our Mama Lion, and she left us with that same instinct to protect ourselves and our own... So Today Dear Mother, I salute you! Merry Christmas, our heavenly Angel, but even above that,Happy Birthday Mom. I miss you dearly and I thank God every day that you were born! Today our family celebrates your life and your legacy. You came into this world a poor, small, un-pretentious, middle child, but you left us,and the world far richer than anyone could have ever imagined. You had a magical touch and your beautiful glowing spirit warmed all of our hearts! Mom,you taught us that we too,are all capable of giving unconditional Love.Thank you~ Blessings to all~ Happy Holidays~& a beautiful,hopeful, peaceful new year in 2011!

  • Note: for more about this extraordinary woman's life, please click on "Tribute to Mom"this website Thanx~




  Anita Alcala Jr.

12/27/2010 * 17:23:20


Thank you for the beautiful tribute to Mom!

I think of her each & every day & as we grew closer to her birthday, on Christmas Day, all I could think was that she would have been 94 years old & she should have been with us to celebrate her birth!

A prime example of how she has touched others happened the past two Fridays I went to take her flowers at the cemetery.

After stopping at the cemetery, I went, with whoever had come with me, to Cafe 50's to get a bowl of Clam Chowder in memory or Mom & also our brother; Marty!

The past two times I've been there, the manager of the cafe; Robert, mentioned how much he & the staff missed seeing Mom & Marty! (As we all do!). He told me what a lovely woman she was! Always so kind, sweet & loving! He asked me how long it had been since both of them had passed? When I told him, he couldn't believe so much time had elapsed! Both of them had left such an indelible print on everyone, that it still feels like they are with us!

I'll honor each of them every day I live!

Love to All!

Anita & Sparky


  Judy Crawford

12/26/2010 * 13:35:54

What a beautiful blog on Mom. She truly was a special lady and will be loved and remembered not only by her family, but all who had the honor to know her.She was an exceptional woman with a very loving and caring heart. How very blessed we are to call her "Mother". Thank you for honoring her on her day and always.


  John Lassos

12/25/2010 * 19:01:18

Nice tribute to a wonderful Mother, Sister, and Aunt. Happy Birthday and Merry
Christmas Aunt Anita!

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