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Dee Callahan Art Blog

~The Art of healing through Art~

by decal5 , September 27, 2010—12:00 AM

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Today is Monday, September 27, 2010. Four years ago, and one week before that, on September 20th, I was hoping to celebrate my "60th" Birthday; but unfortunately, it was not to be. Today September 27, 2010 is the four year Anniversary of my mother's passing~

When I first came to ArtId, I knew that I would not only be bringing my Photography and my Haiku poetry here, but I would also be bringing some very emotionally charged memories with some of the photos that I took. Many were taken at various places that I had visited with Mom on mini-vacations, throughout the years. How could they not remind me of her? How could I continue to look at some of them without crying? How could I be fair, and honestly share them and my love and passion for photography here? Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that perhaps ArtId sought me out as much as I sought her.. I only say her because I look at ArtId like a friend, and after all we do have a female Founder. Photography and Haiku eventually won out,so here I am on ArtId. It's kinda like the chicken soup that you can't resist when you're feeling bad;where all of the ingredients come together sublimely. Like simple,warm chicken soup, ArtId has combined simple,comfortable ingredients to warm my heart and make my time here sublime! At first I was not sure that I got it right, but after awhile, I was sure! You know the ole saying "Chicken Soup is good for the Soul"? Well,they have certainly sold enough books based on that premise; so that's when I realized that I had it right after all! This was my place to submerge myself in that warm,simple,healthy,"Chicken Soup", and just let myself bathe here each and every day! The more that I did this, the more that I found that I wanted to do this. It became fun and the passion actually came back! I was not originally a blogger, but now that I feel that I have something to say, I can barely contain myself, and I feel like I need to "SHOUT" it out loud! Maybe it's just me, but I some how feel that this wonderful Artistic website has been a long time in coming, and a very big step up for me and my growth. It has helped me to come here daily to share my passion for pictures and words. "Art is to be shared not tucked away"~ I don't always put up blogs but I do post new and passisonate original photos almost daily. How can this not be cathradic for me? I know in my heart that it is! Synergistically, we have connected, and I couldn't be happier today,than being able to share my photo and "Mom's White Dove" blog with you in my totally emotional"Spiritual Gallery".I was once just a gal who had to go to Dale Carnegie courses to learn how to speak in public for my career; but now I can't even shut up!! The "Art of healing through Art" has become so very obvious to me. It has made a world of difference in my day. Now,it is my great honor to be able to come here this morning to pay tribute to my mother, Anita who was the very best part of my life. Somehow I feel her "White Dove" will do that for me~ Maybe you know someone who has come here for the same reason...Maybe it's you,yourself who has some healing to do...whatever the case, I know that I have had many friends with Cancer or other illness, who have found joy in simply drawing,while others enjoy sharing their sculpting or various other forms of art.I've asked them to come here and share...I have also seen how candid children can be about their joy and their pain in their fresh and honest artwork. It's a little more than refreshing; it's truly healing~ I think what it is about Art is that we are able to express ourselves freely through our unique creations, and in doing so, we grow closer to ourselves and to others. When we create, it's almost as if we are "giving birth" and/or breathing life into someone.... That is how I felt when I took the picture of the baby Dove being born in my torch light, on my back yard patio~ You can see it in the "small works Gallery" on ArtId. Thank you ArtId for giving me the chance to express myself here today at a very critical time in my life. I feel, as an artist that I am at the crossroads. I know that this is a very crucial place or point to be. Now that I have expressed what I feel, I know that I can cross over that line and that I am on the road to my healing; both through my words and my actions here today. Mom would be so proud! It's not easy,like Art; but..."Art is very healing",and I have come to learn that "Healing itself is an Art";one that I am learning a lot about here,right alongside everyone else. My Blessings to you all~




  moshe ( homepage )

04/28/2012 * 18:16:18

Salamalekum Myoshen,O thanks !O yes, we will be glad to welcome you here in SENEGAL ☼☼☼☼☼☼ with teranga You know MUSIC is universal and unites continents and HERATS ♥, so it's the best children's therapy !!!!Jean


  Anita A. Alcala ( homepage )

09/29/2010 * 15:14:27

Hi Dee,

I just got through reading, "Mom's White Dove", and looking at the accompanying picture.

Both are beautiful. You know how proud Mom was of you! She was proud of all her kids, but I think she secretly delighted in your success!

Ever since Mom passed, I've been seeing hummingbirds here & there. When she & I used to go on our little adventures, we used to see hummingbirds every now & then.

I think she turned herself into a Dove & also a Hummingbird. She probably has the capability to change into any kind of bird she wants, as long as she can fly & soar above us.

I think about her every day & I miss & love her so much, it hurts. I pray she is better off, whenever she has gone & that she is happy!

Thank you for all you did for her! I know she greatly appreciated it!

Love you & miss you!



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