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Dee Callahan Art Blog

Meeting other artists on ArtId

by decal5 , September 12, 2010—12:00 AM

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The other day when I was totally exhausted and didn't think that I had enough energy left for a blog,someone contacted me via Artid and helped me to get a shot of adrenalin back!

It's funny how I can go for hours and hours sometimes,never missing a beat; just working away,digging through my archives for just the right photo to put up; but last week, I caught some kind of nasty bug and it had me down and out.

When I thought I could do no more and was about to throw in the towel...I happen to notice that someone had contacted me, and that I indeed needed to reply~

This particular individual had written me such a happy upbeat thought that it instantly turned my night around. That individual was another artist,like you and me, working their own way through their art, but they took the time to make a comment to me about a fun photograph that I had recently posted. It made me feel good to know that they liked it enough to take the time to write~ Ironically, as I said, it wasn't even what I consider to be my best work, but it was me in a whimsical moment~ That made it even better, and it put a big smile on my face!!

Over the past few months, I have met some really kind and caring artists here at ArtId, and I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank you to all of you who have set aside your work for a minute to acknowledge the work of other artists that you enjoy! I am sure that it means a lot to get an unsolicited comment when you least expect it, and sometimes it comes at just the right time~

We are all probably our own worst critics because after all, we are artists, and we want our work to be accepted and maybe even understood... Sometimes we are fortunate and we get that, but for the most part even if someone thinks " Wow, what a great piece!",they don't often express it.

As artists we all have a lot in common.ArtId has given us a place to express this and I feel that we should take advantage of what we have. We share many of the same interests;can share our successes here as well as our indecision,and often disappointments too. In fact, I am finding it therapeutic right now to come here and blog! So, a great big thank you to all of the artists I have met here, and for those I have yet to meet...I am looking forward to viewing your work... It's good to have someone who is in the same boat!!




  Anita A. Alcala

09/23/2010 * 12:13:31


Congratulations on your kudos from Betsy Davison!

It's always nice to get recognition from professionals in their field!

Keep up the great work!

Love you & miss you, Big Sis!




  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

09/22/2010 * 13:28:35

WOW...what a wonderful blog post you wrote Dee. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about ArtId. You know...I feel the same way about ArtId sometimes. Having artists write about their experience sometimes gives me the strength to keep going! It's not easy to maintain and grow an online community art site. We try so hard to make this a place where artists can succeed and share. Thank you for inspiring me!

Betsy Davison,
President, ArtId


  Judy Crawford

09/18/2010 * 19:40:31

Each Artist that post their work on artid is showing their creativity for all the world to see and appreciate. There is something about Art that lets us share something really meaningful and
get feedback from those who view our work. Whether it be whimsical, unusual,spiritual, or absolutely beautiful we can find that connection
that brings us all together.


  Anita A. Alcala

09/18/2010 * 05:25:19

I think that a true artist has to not only appreciate their own work, but also, the work of other artists.

It's not about the, "Ego" of each artist!

ArtID seems like a good place for all artists to post their work & get feedback (good & bad), from others in their field or even, just admirers or critics.

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