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I'm Missing Hawaii! It's time to blog!

by decal5 , August 18, 2010—12:00 AM

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It's been over 115 degrees in Phoenix, AZ. and while there are many beautiful sites to be shot here,me and my camera are both missing Hawaii,California,and as a matter of fact, even Washington State! I used to go to Hawaii almost every year. I would pack light and run away to paradise to escape the heat of the Summer months. When I couldn't go to Hawaii, I would travel back and forth all Summer long between California and Arizona;often wandering into far away little places,looking for something unusual that I could sink my lens into and get lost~

Now with the winds picking up,monsoons in and out, thunder and even lightning at times, I have come to appreciate how lucky I've been to have known the seasons, having lived in many different places. I even miss Washington state and the snow from time to time! There is truly so much beauty in nature,in so many different ways,that we often forget to appreciate it and inhale! Well heck, we just need to take some time out! Time out to relax, meditate or whatever your desire is at the time~

As for me, currently, it's time to blog! All of us can get so wrapped up in our own little worlds; our artwork, our schedules, our deadlines, and our desire to stand out from the rest, that sometimes we forget to just sit down for a few minutes to relax, enjoy and communicate....

I was thinking about my best friend Joan,in Washington state today when out of no where I felt her presence. At one time,Joan and I had both lived in sunny Southern, California, and then in rainy Seattle,Washington so we have been through a lot together...I had just posted a few photos to my Washington State gallery and decided to go through my archives to see if I could find a few more. For some reason, I decided to jump over to my "guest book" and see who might have left a kind word or a constructive criticism, since I have learned to take both with a grain of salt. A few days ago,I found a comment that one of my photos uploaded was badly out of focus! I was actually glad that I read that note;and I decided to focus on improving my input. I certainly wanted to stay in tune with the tools that ArtId has provided us with here! That communication helped me to improve, and I am grateful for it~

To make a long story short, communication connects us all in one way or another....Who do you think ended up in my guest book? Yep, you got it right! best friend Joan! It caught me totally by surprise~ Then another friend of 16 yrs. ago got wind somehow that I had created a website for my older brother who passed in 2008, and the next thing I knew, she was all over the internet tracking me down. She found me here as well! I'm not about to go to the mid-west right now to visit,and I'm not even going to Hawaii this year; but I can take the time to come here to blog and to re-live my time spent there with you. I do this each and every time that I share and upload another photo..... So here's to Mauna Loa...may you all enjoy this paradise with me,through the picture that's still lives in my mind....

I will say that I would have never guessed it,but blogging has become easier for me as time goes by. What would you like to blog about now?



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