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Rocky II ponders his future in art

by decal5 , August 9, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, Rocky II, cats, change, future, muse, photographic, sharing

If I had eyes like my Korat Cat Rocky II, I suppose that I would look at life through a whole different spectrum;not only of color,but also perspective. Rocky's eyes have always been fascinating to me!I often wonder what he sees with them and just how he sees it. His life at times is a complete mystery to me! He is after all,a Cat!

He is a smart and lovable creature. He seems to know when things are going good and when things aren't going so great. Being around him as much as I am, makes me appreciate his attributes and his charm even more.

Most people who have owned a cat can tell you that you don't ever really own a cat; it's more like they own you!

I have always said that one day Rocky would be "bringing home the bacon" because he is such a smart cat. At first I thought that I might create a website called (incidentally I've owned that website for years)and have Rocky become a blogger, because his character seemed far more in tune with blogging than mine; but somehow that project just hasn't really gotten off of the ground.

Rocky likes to talk a lot and is always giving me a piece of his mind.I had an "ahah moment" many years ago and thought hmmmmm,he's so vocal;geez.... if I could only find a way to get him to "Pay the mortgage" (That would be great!).

Well, I'm still working on it, and his website too;but in the meantime,Rocky has been telling me that maybe there's another way! Over the years I have taken many photographs of him,some funny,some serious,some surprising when I see how good they have turned out... and all have given me sheer joy! There are so many poses that I can "Cat"ch him in, when he's in the mood to let me! Pet owners know what I am talking about, especially when it comes to a cat!(and Rocky II isn't just any cat~)

He has a pedigree;is pure-bred and comes from a long line of royalty dating back hundreds of years from Siam. Ne Syriam Kwam Rock II, Rocky has become quite the muse. He encourages me when I am ready to give up;talks to me non-stop,and provides me with unconditional love.....and b.t.w.,this week Rocky II has told me to keep on taking pictures of him and also to add additional galleries to my art on artid in the upcoming months.

Rocky has just sold his first "Cat picture". No,not as a cat artist;(there are some you know!)but as the subject of one of my photographs!

I am now beginning to look at life through the eyes of my cat; my muse! I will never have his beautful eyes,which were amber at birth;and turned chartreuse upon his reaching age 3,but I can still "imagine"! I've got a great imagination at this stage of my life~

I should remember that change is good.I know that I can still learn from this marvelous muse, and "Purr"ecious creature, whom I am fortunate enough to own....( Oops, I mean,who owns me!) Guess I was chosen and should remember that too!!

Let's just say that now I have a new vision. I have a new focus, and who knows what may come of it next?... I shall follow his advice for now,so you may be seeing more pictures of him real soon. One day Rocky II may be bringing home enough bacon for the both of us! Do you also have a muse? Who and/or what inspires you?





01/27/2011 * 03:36:29

Hi Tootsie!

I love this story about Rocky & I am here to tell everyone, that it is all true!

He is a remarkable cat & I am very proud of my furry, smart, little nephew!

I think Rocky is more in tune with things because he lost his sister; Kalaya at an early age & still seeks her out, whereever he goes. He is one sensitive, kitty!

I think you should make-up a book about Rocky & his exploits just like the journalist who wrote stories about his Scottish-Fold Cat; Norton!

Of course, like you, our beloved Mother; Anita is my muse as are you, my beautiful, Guardian Angel, Big Sis!

Love ya lots!


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