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Abstracts and Surfaces

by decal5 , August 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, Hawaii, Maui, abstract, beauty, nature, opinions, reality, surfaces, volcano

I would like other people's opinions on what is considered an "Abstract". I have recently submitted a few of my original photographs for both the abstract,and surfaces critiques,and would like to hear if others have too. How did you determine what to submit? Was it based on the thought that the one you submitted was the weirdest, or perhaps your favorite? Did you have a message you were trying to send? What criteria did you use,or have you used in the past?

The defintion of abstract is "to take away" or remove. In abstract art,I guess I consider it to be anything that is based on a " Visual Language" of form; or,color and line that creates some type of composition that exists with a degree of independence from actual visual references. What do you think? I know that abstract is probably supposed to be non-figurative, and non-objective, and a departure at time from reality, and yet I have taken this picture of Haleakala Crater,in Maui,Hawaii,which is to me both abstract and also very very real!




  Sonya Conti ( homepage )

08/11/2010 * 13:53:36

Beauty in abstraction is all about atmosphere (least the way I view it) Lovely!

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