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Don't be afraid to share!

by decal5 , July 25, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, critiscms, fears, sharing

So many people think that they have nothing to say and nothing to share, but I for one feel that everyone has something that they are passionate about when it comes to their art. Artists have been known for being introspective,which at times has also been translated as being moody. They have also often been tagged the stereotype of "a starving artist",much along the same lines as the "starving student", so with these negative things going 'round in their heads, along with rejection of their work,it's no wonder that many often choose not to share what could be very valuable thoughts, ideas, creations,and words.

I have always been a giver, so it is not hard for me to share. Receiving though, has been another story. Receiving can be both good and bad.(at least for me) I think that we are all still students of life in one way or another and are continuing to learn new lessons each day. Giving and receiving are certainly two of them, but since I am titling this blog, " Don't be afraid to share!", I will focus on that! By being afraid, I mean that many artist don't feel that their work is good enough;they fear rejection or what's even worse criticism. ( this may be when receiving becomes bad,or at least hard) This is hogwash. If we give, we are bound to receive one way or another! We will all feel some type of rejection throughout our lives if we are human.It is unavoidable. It can be with your artwork, or in your personal or professional life, but that is still no reason NOT to share! You should look at sharing like you are looking into a mirror. A lot of the time you see what you want to see.If you believe in the old adage that "The eyes are the mirrors to one's soul", then maybe you should look into your own eyes first and then those of others when you feel that you are ready to start sharing.You might just find more compassion and understanding there, than one might lead you to believe an artist could experience or express.. I know that holding back on things that we are passionate about is not a good thing because eventually it's gonna have to come out somewhere. Many fine artists will show this in their works and you should not be afraid to have someone else recognize your fear. It can also be a good thing,and a part of your talent. Think about some of the best artists and what they are noted for or that special something that helps you to recognize their style. If we never shared what went into our artwork with others, how could they truly know? I have developed my own style of art over the years of taking photographs and writing Haiku verse to go along with them. This is one way that I can share what I was feeling or thinking of when the photo was shot! It helps me to express myself as an artist and also as a human spirit. I am able to become more intimate with my critics. I am able to accept their words more readily when I know that they might interpret my photographs more like they were intended. Remember each person will see something else,and maybe even something that's new to you; that you did not see when you created your masterpiece. All of this is valuable info;info that helps us to move forward; grow as a person,and perhaps create even more!

Some artist are afraid to share because they don't want someone else to copy them or pirate their works.In this day and age of high technology, and social-networks, that is most certainly an issue we all have to consider...but would that still stop you from sharing? Maybe it would help you to actually learn more. It might help you learn about watermarking, or protecting or coding your works, or it might cause you to come up with a better solution.

In conclusion, I would like to see your opinions here. What do you think!?(about sharing your work with others, both here on ArtID and elsewhere?) I would love to hear about your own experiences,both good and bad.... and b.t.w. Thanx for sharing~




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

07/26/2010 * 06:02:06

In a sharing world, only greedy people worry about their work being pirated or copied without their say so. Its pathetic. 'Bout time humanity turns over a new leaf one of these days before their thirst for money destroys their soul.

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