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Dee Callahan

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I will be leaving for Hawaii soon. This is one of the many trips that I have taken there over the past 45+ years.Hawaii is my home away from home. Each year when the Spring weather is starting to turn towards Summer, I escape the heat of Arizona,and make my way to the Islands to Photograph some of the beauty that awaits me~ There is much to see,much to do,and no matter how many times I go back,it always offers me new rewards~ This trip I will focus on Maui, more than the other islands. I will go to Kula, which is in upcountry, and I will get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for awhile. I will also visit Hana and Kehei and get some delightful shots of their daily lifestyle. I will visit Haleakala, and the spiritual "Heiau"..… Continue reading… 1 comment

I have always had a passion for Mother Nature, and all of the wonderful creative art that she provides me with, on a daily basis! There is almost never a day that can go by, that I don't spot some beautiful flower or creature that she has allowed me the priviledge of sharing with her~ Mother Nature is cool. She is a thing of beauty to me, rather than a person, or the embodiment of human flesh! She is almost everywhere I go outdoors; and I have yet to say that for even one minute she has disappointed me.... Mother Nature is the "protective" Mother of this planet that we call EARTH, and yet she is still willing to share with me....All I have to do is get up and get out! She makes it easy by providing me with tons of material to shoot. Whether it be an early morning bird..… Continue reading… 0 comments

Today,I would like to write about the joys of mentoring a Photography student of mine. His name is Brandon Alcala, and he is a very talented individual who has taken to photography like a fish to water! Now,not everybody sees things the same way,so the first thing that I try to do when I take on a mentorship is, I decide whether that individual has a commitment. In photography,as in many art forms and mediums, a lot is learned through trial and error, and at times it can get frustrating. Commitment is one key element to becoming a successful photographer. One must be willing to take chances; to look at ordinary objects from a different angle, and to try to combine color, light, and composition… Continue reading… 0 comments

Today, I want to write about something that I am very excited about. It is a new website that I have created for showcasing my original photographs in different formats. First of all, let me say that I will still be here at artid, and that will not change; but rather than limiting myself to showing my photograhy in the usual way, I will now be complimenting it, by allowing viewers to see it at it's best. The way that I am accomplishing this is that I am choosing different colored mats and frames for each photo that I take in order to show the viewer what it would look like, rather than just viewing my picture, plain vanilla...… Continue reading… 2 comments

For those of you who read my blogs, you may know a bit about me. I am of Native American Ancestry, with my Mother's mother; my Grandmother Rose Pastora, being a full-blooded Shoshone Native American~. For this reason, I often seek out Native American artists who either draw, paint, do sculpture, basket weaving/making or beading; or who create art in one way or another. As you know many Native American Indians are wonderful Jewelry makers… Continue reading… 1 comment

Today, I decided that I needed to take a break to rejuvenate, and just write another blog about something or someone in art who had influenced me; or given me the motivation to create art of my own! Every artist needs a muse or a mentor, and I am no different than most~ As I looked back into my archives of photographs,I found one of my favorites which I have posted here. I call it "Springtime" because of all the bright colors and the flowers that are in bloom! This creation is the work of world reknown artist Dale Chihuly and today I honor him with this blog! I took this picture after visiting the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas where his prominent floral glass blowing artwork is magnificently displayed. Now, one would not believe how much strength the art of glass-blowing takes… Continue reading… 0 comments