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Dee Callahan

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I have always loved Mother Nature's beautiful creations, and having lived in Arizona for the past eight years, have seen many! One of course is the wonderful Grand Canyon.The Grand Canyon with it's wondrous north and south rims offers both hikers and photographers many glorious views. Not to take anything away from Arizona's beauty, there is another Grand Canyon, which many call "The Grand Canyon of the Pacifc", and it resides in Waimea, Hawaii, on the "Garden Island" of Kauai. This island just so happens to be my home away from home. I can go there year after year and always find something new to share. The colors of this magnificent island are plentiful,and the Grand Canyon of the Pacifc offers new delights every single time… Continue reading… 0 comments

Happy Autumn everyone!! November 1st is now upon us,and it lterally sprang up out of nowhere! This year has flown by so fast,that I still think of it as being only the beginning of Summer...Now we are already into Fall, with Old man Winter, close at our heels! Fall reminds me of so many things. When the leaves on the trees start to change colors and fall, it reminds me that this is the end of another season; just like the seasons of our lives;and that we too are due for change whether we like it or not! Sometimes, it is for the best.... even though we may not know it at that time..All change is good...because it helps us to grown and move on........ Sometimes onward and upward to bigger and better things for the new year! We shut one door and open another… Continue reading… 1 comment

One cannot look at this photograph of the Kalalua Valley; "Valley of the Lost Tribes", without feeling something spiritual. At least as the photographer,I certainly cannot!I have treked all over the Island of Kauai, over the past 45 years,and yet I still come back to the same place when I want to get in tune with my innermost feelings of being one with mother nature, and with my Lord. The Kalalua Valley is located on Kauai's west side, and is not far from Waimea Canyon,which in itself is a sight to behold. Actually, it has been called the "Hawaiian Grand Canyon" by many. I have been fortunate enough to have the best of both worlds as, I currently reside in Arizona, and consider Hawaii, as well as Sedona,AZ two very spiritual places to me!! Hawaii is my home away from home… Continue reading… 2 comments

Today, I want to write about something that I am very excited about. It is a new website that I have created for showcasing my original photographs in different formats. First of all, let me say that I will still be here at artid, and that will not change; but rather than limiting myself to showing my photograhy in the usual way, I will now be complimenting it, by allowing viewers to see it at it's best. The way that I am accomplishing this is that I am choosing different colored mats and frames for each photo that I take in order to show the viewer what it would look like, rather than just viewing my picture, plain vanilla...… Continue reading… 2 comments

Happy New Year to all. May you,your families,loved ones and friends be blessed beyond your wildest imagination this year. May 2011 bring you good health, good fortune,good love, and peace! These are my wishes for you! When I think of the New Year's arrival,2011 seems to have come out of no where. Where did 2010 go? Search me!! Now that we are in 2011, it is time not just to make new year's resolutions; but to make "Commitments" to ourselves as well as to others! Resolutions are made and broken every single year. We all do it. We probably all have good intentions, but resolutions seem to be something that we think no one will notice if we forget… Continue reading… 3 comments

Today is Monday, September 27, 2010. Four years ago, and one week before that, on September 20th, I was hoping to celebrate my "60th" Birthday; but unfortunately, it was not to be. Today September 27, 2010 is the four year Anniversary of my mother's passing~ When I first came to ArtId, I knew that I would not only be bringing my Photography and my Haiku poetry here, but I would also be bringing some very emotionally charged memories with some of the photos that I took. Many were taken at various places that I had visited with Mom on mini-vacations, throughout the years… Continue reading… 2 comments

It's been over 115 degrees in Phoenix, AZ. and while there are many beautiful sites to be shot here,me and my camera are both missing Hawaii,California,and as a matter of fact, even Washington State! I used to go to Hawaii almost every year. I would pack light and run away to paradise to escape the heat of the Summer months. When I couldn't go to Hawaii, I would travel back and forth all Summer long between California and Arizona;often wandering into far away little places,looking for something unusual that I could sink my lens into and get lost~ Now with the winds picking up,monsoons in and out, thunder and even lightning at times, I have come to appreciate how lucky I've been to have known the seasons, having lived in many different places… Continue reading… 0 comments

If I had eyes like my Korat Cat Rocky II, I suppose that I would look at life through a whole different spectrum;not only of color,but also perspective. Rocky's eyes have always been fascinating to me!I often wonder what he sees with them and just how he sees it. His life at times is a complete mystery to me! He is after all,a Cat! He is a smart and lovable creature. He seems to know when things are going good and when things aren't going so great. Being around him as much as I am, makes me appreciate his attributes and his charm even more. Most people who have owned a cat can tell you that you don't ever really own a cat; it's more like they own you! I have always said that one day Rocky would be "bringing home the bacon" because he is such a smart cat… Continue reading… 1 comment