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Dee Callahan Hawaiian Dove

Hawaiian DoveMama Dove
Hawaiian Dove
8" x 10"
Photography / Color
Photo Realism
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Hawaiian Dove

I have just completed another trip to Hawaii~ One of many, that I have taken over many many years. This trip,I was a Dove Whisperer! Everywhere I went Doves seemed to flock to me,and it wasn't because I was feeding them. You may have noticed that I have another gallery with baby doves being born right on my entryway-setee. I have always loved Doves , and it has paid off! They seem to be comfortable around me. I have had many Mamas birth their babies both on my back patio, in my torch lamp, and also recently three different Mamas( back to-back) each gave birth to two babies after building a nest at my entryway~ This particular Hawaiian ring-neck Dove is one of my favorites.His markings are truly beautiful~