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Dee Callahan On The Wall

"Just rope""The Human Ladder #2""One way Bridge""The Magnificent shoe""Cowboy Club Horns"" The Archway"" Do we need armor?""The Window"~ Penguins in Hawaii~On The Wall
On The Wall
5" x 7"
Animal / Other
Photography / Color
Photo Realism
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On The Wall

This is a picture that I took right in my own backyard,very early in the morning. Usually I hear Coyotes calling each other at night, but by morning they are all gone. This particular morning I was up very early working in my office, when I happen to look out the window at something passing by. It was a large male coyote. He saw me and jumped right up "On the wall". He didn't flinch. He just sat there, in perfect profile; as if he was posing for me on purpose, as I dashed madly to get my camera.