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Dee Callahan Ross's Tiger

Ross's TigerButterfliesHappy Valentine's Day~2nd panel of Ross's glass art muralSylvesterPanel #4Time for perfume!Love is in the air!Ross Boyd, Master MuralistKnight and White HorseDragon Slayer
Ross's Tiger
8" x 10"
Photography / Color
Not For Sale

Ross's Tiger

I Love this picture that I took because it isn't just any picture. It is a picture of a Tiger and I always love cats....but also, it is a picture that is hand painted by a very interesting artist named Ross; and it is on a panel of his truck!! Ross has covered his entire truck, front to back with a wonderful, colorful, creative mural. On it you will find animals, people,a lot of nature's beauty, along with a few cartoon characters... Follow me into Ross's world in this art gallery and feel free to contact Ross at his website for more info. I will be adding more interesting and colorful pictures soon, but you may also read more about Ross by checking out his self- portrait in my " Interesting People" art gallery on this website. Please feel free to make comments in my guestbook~ Thanx~