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Dee Callahan Ross the Master Muralist

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Ross the Master Muralist
5" x 7"
Photography / Color
Not For Sale

Ross the Master Muralist

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet completely by chance, a master muralist who happen to be pulling up to the same little diner that I was, in Phoenix, AZ. His name is Ross Boyd. Ross has been painting and pinstriping for over 60 years, and as I got out of my car, I couldn't help but notice his colorful truck. The whole truck was an advertisement for Ross and a great way to promote his art. It was painted front to back, and both sides with fabulous art...detailed art, and then of course with a picture of Ross himself! The picture that I enjoyed the most was his self portrait which you see here. For more info or to contact Ross, please either go to: or you may also find more at: Ross showed me the Valentine mural he had done,which consisted of several panels of mirrors across the entire front of the diner. There were many interesting cartoon characters on his mural... many that I recognized. I will be posting them to a new art gallery soon that I will call "Simply Ross"~