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Dee Callahan Wolfs Robe's Flutes

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Wolfs Robe's Flutes
8" x 10" x 1"
American Indian
Photography / Color
New Age
On Hold

Wolfs Robe's Flutes

Last week, I posted a picture of a Native American Flute Player and Educator, named "Wolfs Robe", I also wrote a Blog about him with a link to his magical website, where you have the opportunity of listening to his beautiful and original flute music. Wolfs Robe plays from the heart, on the flutes that you see in this picture. He does not write down his music, but memorizes what his visions were when he had the feeling to create each piece. He is a remarkable flute player and a very embraceable speaker, who lends us his knowledge and shares much about the Native American culture and way! Please read my blog about him and his flutes, under "Artists blogs". It is worthwhile reading, and don't forget to comment. Please give me your opinions. I always appreciate feedback from you~